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2018 Webmaster's Report


This report is going to be very short.

In the past 12 months, I’ve put in 169.25 hours into the website, 1/2 hour less than last year. The work included: 111 new photos; 17 new pages; more than 100 new mid-page, internal, and external links; countless updates, corrections, deletions, format changes, and more.

To quote directly from the 2018 Outreach Committee Report:

The FNCA website continues to increase in usage significantly. On a monthly basis in calendar year 2017, our website averaged 2,746 visits per month, 914 of them “unique visitors”. This represents 126% and 57% increases respectively. Put another way, our average visits per day went up from 44 to 92 visits a day (a 109% increase); and “unique visitors” average went from 20 a day to 32 per day (a 60% increase).

On a personal note, I love doing this work for the Assembly and am delighted to be able to continue doing it in the future.

Respectfully submitted,
FNCA Webmaster
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2017 Webmaster's Report


1. Website Use Overview

In calendar year 2016, on a monthly basis, our website averaged 584 “unique visitors” and 1,215 total “visits” viewing 3,691 pages each month. So far, in 2017, those numbers have increased enormously, with “unique visitors” at 968 per month (+65%), total “visits at  3,036 per month (+150%),  viewing 5,662 pages per month (+53%). Viewed another way, in July 2016, we averaged 34 total “visits” per day; in July 2017, we averaged 85. Way more people are looking at our website and returning way more often!

Year Unique Visitors # of Visits # of Pages Viewed
2016 584 1,215 3,691
2017 968 3,036 5,662
Increase 65% 150%


The Home page is, of course, by far the most visited page since it is the gateway for over 90% of our site's visitors. After that, the 20 most popular pages, in descending order, are:
  1. 2017 Camp Session Info
  2. Questions & Contact
  3. Summer Camp Basic Info
  4. What's New On This Site
  5. Photo Pages menu
  6. About the FNCA
  7. Camp Staff
  8. Renting the Facility
  9. How to Register
10. Administration & Committees
11. FNCA Map
12. FNCA History menu
13. Listen to the Lectures!
14. Lecture Schedule
15. FNCA Wish List
16. FNCA News!
17. A Message from the Camp Director
18. the Building & Grounds Committee page
19. Family & Friends photo page
20. Polar Bear Club

A few other items of note:

A. I'm glad to report that the Listen to the Lectures! page continues to consistently get fairly high use, comparatively. Not only is that page #13 in the list above, but quite a few of the downloadable lectures have been downloaded in the past year... so people are definitely listening to the lectures.

NOTE: Although the two final Saturday lectures that we live streamed on Facebook last summer are not actually on this site in video format, they've gotten 295 and 155 views respectively, for a total of 450 views. Most of those were while it was actually streaming. With this one single step, we have HUGELY increased the FNCA's reach. Guesstimating an average lecture attendance of 40 people, this is a 600% increase in the number of people our lecture program is going out to! Massive kudos to Bob Perry for making this happen.

B. Over 300 new photos were added to the site in the past 12 months. Perhaps the most historic of these — and my personal favorite — is the 1937 All-Camp Group Photo which Torgny Vigerstad found among his mother Alice's belongings and sent in. This is the infamous photo in which Gordon Blackmer managed to get in the photo twice, once at each end of the photo!

C. New pages on the site include:
Links (to other Swedenborgian groups)
Special Events photo page
Work Weekend photo page
Puzzle Club photo page
Past FNCA Presidents
Past Camp Directors
Listen to the 2015 Lectures
Listen to the 2016 Lectures
The Hidden Roots of the FNCA

D. There are lots of new crosslinks within the site. For example, every place on the site where the Goddard Cabin is referred to in the text is now linked to the Goddard Cabin page. All references on the site to the various camp buildings are now crosslinked back to their respective pages on the FNCA Map; as are all references to the various website pages similarly crosslinked back to their own respective pages where they are referred to elsewhere in the text.

2. The Webmaster's Time Clock

Since my 2016 report, I've worked on the camp website exactly 100 of the past 365 days (27% of them). The What's New On This Site page where I document my work on the site lists 195 individual entries: everything from things as simple as fixing a typo and updating the Camp Staff page (about 1 minute each), to things as extensive as adding 31 photos to the Games & Other Pastimes page in one day (about 3 hours) and creating 11 entirely new pages (30 minutes - 4 hours each). Some days, I put in just 1 or 2 minutes to, say, fix a typo. Other days, I spent several hours doing multiple things or else working on one major improvement project (like a new page or adding dozens of crosslinks all across the site.). All this adds up to 169.75 hours in the past 12 months. This is a decrease of nearly 17% from last year (*phew*), but it's still my second most hours in a year since I started keeping track.

3. Proofreader

I'm still anxious about being without a site proofreader the past two years. I do proof my own work, but nonetheless, I continue to find mistakes, typos, missing words, etc. on various pages. Another pair of eyes is what's needed. I'm looking for someone systematic, preferably a perfectionist with grammar skills, who will commit to spending anywhere from 5-60 minutes every week checking the changes I've made on the site, make notes of suggested changes, and email them to me regularly. 

Respectfully submitted,
FNCA Webmaster
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