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vFNCA 2020
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2020 Lecture Themes descriptions


Before Outing Day
Biblical Theme:
"The Tabernacle

1:00 Dr. Rebecca Esterson
the 2020 Everett K. Bray Visiting Lecturer
"An Introduction to the Tabernacle of Israel:
Cosmos in Miniature
2:00 Rev. E. Kent Rogers
"The Tabernacle of Meeting:
A Diagram of a Life Aligned with the Divine

1:00 Rev. Jonathan Mitchell
"Unpacking the Tabernacle:
The Tabernacle Story Adapted to a
Contemprary Worship Setting"

2:00 Rev. E. Kent Rogers
"The Role of Levites: Responding to the Lord in Today's World"


After Outing Day
Doctrinal Theme:
The Three Essentials
of the Church:
the Divinity of the Lord,
the Holiness of the Word,

and the Life of Charity"

1:00 Rev. Hugh Odhner

"Putting the Essentials into Practice"
2:00 Rev. Lee Woofenden
"Who Is God? Who is Jesus Christ?
What About the Holy Spirit?"

1:00 Rev. Dr. Jim Lawrence

Not One and Done:
Swedenborg's Controversial Trinity”

2:00 Rev. Ken Turley
“The Three Essentials and the Meaning of Church"

1:00 [No lecture due to the ANNUAL MEETING.]
2:00 Dr. Devin Zuber
"Planetary Charity:
William Blake's Black Lives Matter"



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