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2022 Lecture Themes

   Daily Schedule
  8:30  Sing Along 
  8:45  Morning Chapel
  9:00  1st Lecture
 10:00  2nd Lecture
 11:00  Adult Discussion Group and
          Flames and Sparks classes
          (if enough teens and kids sign up)

Lectures are held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday each week. There is no morning program on Wednesdays, which is Outing Day. Sunday mornings we join the congregation of the Fryeburg New Church in town for morning services instead of the usual program.

Due to the Rev. Dr. George F. Dole Celebration 3-Mile Road Race on the final Saturday, the schedule will be different that day. TBA

A full listing of each week's lectures is found on the Lecture Schedule page.

1st Week

Doctrinal Theme:
"The Second Coming:
Who, What, When,
Where, Why, and How

Emanuel Swedenborg makes several remarkable claims that bear on our first week theme. He reports that he witnessed a reordering of the heavens during his lifetime in 1770. He tells us that the human mind could come into the form of that newly reordered heaven, and that human societies in this world could also come into the form of heaven. These changes in the spiritual world initiated the Lord's Second Coming, which is now well underway in our natural world. Importantly, Swedenborg's writings are the written record of these events, and the teachings therein provide a path upon which we can walk in order to participate in this all-important process. Our first week lecturers will speak to this process, and to its significance for our lives today.

2nd Week

Biblical Theme:
Angels, Dreams, and Visions in the Bible"

Is it possible to interpret our dreams using correspond-ences? Do our dreams connect us to the spiritiual world and loved ones who have passed? Swedenborg approached the interpretation of Scripture in ways similar to his interpretations of his own dreams. This week, we wil embark on a study of angel visitations, dreams, and vision in the Bible. Through text study, integration of corre-spondences from the writings, and our own intuitive connection to the symbols and stories of the Bible, we will work towards a greater appreciation of how the language of the subconscious interfaces with the language of scripture. Using Swedenborg's Dream Diary as inspiration, participants will be invited to keep their own dream journals, with the option to reflect on and interpret our own dreams together.


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