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2023 Lecture Themes

   Daily Schedule
  8:30  Sing Along 
  8:45  Morning Chapel
  9:00  1st Lecture
 10:00  2nd Lecture
 11:00  Adult Discussion Group and
          Flames and Sparks classes
          (if enough teens and kids sign up)

Lectures are held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday each week. There is no morning program on Wednesdays, which is Outing Day. Sunday mornings we join the congregation of the Fryeburg New Church in town for morning services instead of the usual program.

Due to the Rev. Dr. George F. Dole Celebration 3-Mile Road Race on the final Saturday, the schedule will be different that day. TBA

A full listing of each week's lectures is found on the Lecture Schedule page.

1st Week

Biblical Theme:
"I'm in the Bible
and the Bible is in Me

From our physical birth to our resurrection into the world of spirits at our death, we are offered spiritual correspondences to guide our journey in the stories of the Bible. Swedenborg specifically outlined the passages that advance the story of humanity's development, and the spiritual growth of every person. This week our lecturers will explore with us the many milestones we find when we follow this 'story within the story' and how we can find guidance in the Bible stories for our lives here and now!

2nd Week

Doctrinal Theme:
"Finding Holiness in the Word, Now and Every Day"

It has been famously observed that the Ten Commandments are not merely prohibitions, but promises. For example, regarding the eighth commandment "You shall not bear false witness" we are offered a promise: “You will learn why it is good not to lie, and the truth shall set you free.”  Our topic for this week is similar, for more than an intellectual concept, to believe the Word is Holy, this week aims to help you experience that the Word is holy, and feel its rich blessing in your life.  Our lecturers this week will aim to open a way to the Word’s holiness, and will invite us to experience its interior riches.


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