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Cabins at the FNCA are currently available for individual rental by Assembly members ONLY along with their friends and families from Memorial Day to Labor Day, except, of course, when camp is in session. An Assembly member must be present for the duration of the rental.


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FLOOD FAMILY REUNION 1961                    
l to r: Billy Flood, Wanda Richardson held by Judy      
Flood, Marilyn Flood, Dorrit Flood holding Dick Flood,  
Nathan Flood, Harold Flood with Joy Richardson in      
front, Baxter Richardson, Merrilee Flood © FNCA

Past Use

Past use has included a wide variety of events: weddings, religious groups, teen retreats, reunions, artist

Gathering Leaves 2013                 





   SCYL teen retreat      © Nina Sasser 2008gatherings, runners groups, conferences, church picnics, various meetings, and an assortment of other events, as well as many personal vacations by individuals, couples, and families.


                                                      Chrysalis editorial meeting 1989                                 © Robert H. Kirven 1989
l to r: Rev. George Dole, Alice Skinner, Robin Larsen, Jim Lawrence, Carolyn Judson, Steve Larsen, Marian Kirven, Leon Rhodes, Kate Davis, Sylvia Shaw, and Carol Lawson                                   


General Info

All rentals of the facility must have an FNCA member present at all times for the duration of the event. There are members available for this purpose.

[More info will be available next year.]


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For more details or to apply for renting the facilities:

Please contact the Facility Rental Committee at

The Facility Rental Committee


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