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NOTE: 2021 rentals are for FNCA members ONLY for individuals, couples, and families. There will be no group rentals and no events. The details in the 2021 Cabin Rental Request form below take precedence over anything else further down on this page.

2021 Cabin Rental Request form:


  Troy & Sarah Grams' wedding with Sarah's colorful family behind them                      © FNCA 2016

l to r: Billy Flood, Wanda Richardson held by Judy      
Flood, Marilyn Flood, Dorrit Flood holding Dick Flood,  
Nathan Flood, Harold Flood with Joy Richardson in      
front, Baxter Richardson, Merrilee Flood © FNCA 1961
The FNCA is available for rental from Memorial Day to Labor Day (except, of course, when camp is in session) by Assembly members, by friends of members, and by groups that members are associated with.

© Gathering Leaves 2013Past use has included a wide variety of events: weddings (2016 Troy & Sarah Grams wedding photo, top), reunions (1961 Flood family reunion photo, above right), religious SCYL teen retreat                       © Nina Sasser 2008gatherings (2013 Gathering Leaves photo, above left), teen retreats (2008 SCYL retreat photo, right), artist gatherings, runners groups, conferences, church picnics, various meetings (1989 Chrysalis editorial meeting photo, below), and an assortment of other events, as well as many personal vacations by individuals, couples, and families.

l to r: Rev. George Dole, Alice Skinner, Robin Larsen, Jim Lawrence, Carolyn Judson, Steve Larsen, Marian Kirven, Leon Rhodes, Kate Davis, Sylvia Shaw, and Carol Lawson                                    © Robert H. Kirven 1989

All rentals of the facility must have an FNCA member present at all times for the duration of the event. There are members available for this purpose.

For brief info about the sleeping spaces (rooms and cabins), see the Lodging page. Photos and descriptions of all buildings, etc. are on the Interactive Map of the FNCA Grounds. Please be aware that the descriptions on the above pages are geared towards camp use, but there should be enough info there to give you a clear picture of our facilities.

© Beki Greenwood 2016


Individuals and small groups:
$25/night per cabin

Small Groups of 10-24 (up to 30 w/ girls dorm):
$300/night for Main Building only
add $20/night per cabin

Large Groups of 25-50 people:
$300/night Main Building (max 30 people w/ girls dorm)
$100 per night per each inner cabin cluster:
A. Bray(2-family)/Woofenden/Taft cabins (max 15 people)
B. Claxton/Goddard/Bellows/Faxon cabins (max 15 people)

Full Campus Use for up to 100 people:
$300/night Main Building (max 30 people w/ girls dorm)

$100/night per each inner cabin cluster:
  A. Claxton/Goddard/Bellows/Faxon cabins (max 15 people)
  B. Bray(2-family)/Woofenden/Taft cabins (max 15 people)

$125/night per each outer cabin cluster:
  C. Murdoch/Twitchell(2-family)/Lawrence(2-family) cabins (max 14 people)
  D. Perry/Boston/Laird cabins (max 14 people)

FREE use of Boys Bunkhouse and Mack Cabin (max  15 people)

Long Weekend (3 nights) Group Rate for up to 30 people
(Youth Retreat includes Girls Dorm, Boys Bunkhouse and Mack Cabin - max 15 people each):
$750 for
Main Building only
add $45/weekend per cabin

Cleaning Fee:
$150 Small Groups (up to 24)
$300 Large Groups (25 and up)

$5 per set
There must be ONE (and only one) person from your group in charge of managing the Mouse Closet where our linens and blankets are kept. This person should keep the Mouse Closet neat and not allow anyone else access to it.

Resident FNCA Member:
An Assembly member must present at all times during your stay. Any group not bringing an Assembly member with them, the FNCA will provide one.

On-Site Manager:
For groups of 25 or more, an on-site manager will be assigned by the FNCA.

Rental Coordinator:
Our Rental Coordinator has full knowledge of the features and amenities of all the cabins and rooms, and is available to help with housing assignments for large groups.

For more details or to apply for renting the facilities:
Please contact the Facility Rental Committee chair
Rev. Susannah Currie

The Facility Rental Committee


© Beki Greenwood 2016
84 Main St, Fryeburg, ME 04037 (map)