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Specal Events

© FNCA 1982

Throughout the years, there have been quite a number of non-recurring special events during the camp session. These have included several baptisms, weddings, receptions, anniversary celebrations, clam bakes, self-help seminars, concerts, plays, reunions, cabin dedications, water olympics, ping pong tournament, horseshoes tournament, dances, and much much more.

NEW photos on this page in recent months:
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FNCA Display Table at Convention    2019    5/30
FNCA Display Table at Convention    2018    5/30
FNCA Display Table at Convention    2012    5/30

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"Flames Ceremony Sunflowers"

© Trevor 2022

This was the begining setup for what became the altar for the Flames Ceremony this year in which the brand new Flames were officially initiated into group.


"Rev. Dr. George F. Dole Memorial Service"

© Trevor 2021
© Trevor 2021
© Trevor 2021
© Trevor 2021
© Carol LeBaron 2021
© Trevor 2021
© Trevor 2021



"FNCA Display Table at Convention"

© FNCA 2019




"Presenting: the Rev. Rachel Madjerac"

© Beki Greenwood 2018

Although this didn't happen at camp, we are just SO proud that our very own Rachel Madjerac, who started attending the Assembly as a teenager, was ordained at Convention this year. Congratulations, Rev. Rachel! That's her proud sister Kristina, too.


"FNCA Display Table at Convention"

© FNCA 2018

Beki Greenwood and Emily Woofenden



"Jacob's Ladder Play
by the Flames Class"

(with the Sparks as angels)

© Beki Greenwood 2017

The first week, the Flames studied Jacob's Ladder and presented a fine play of the story at the end of the week.

Note: Watch the video on our Facebook page!


"Nature Correspondences Walk
by the Flames Class"

© Trevor 2017

The second week, the Flames class studies studied Correspondences and presented a Nature Correspondences Walk at the end of the week.



"Blessings on the Marriage"

© Ian Woofenden 2016



"Horseshoes Tourney"

© Emily Woofenden 2015


"Rev. George McCurdy's 81st Birthday!"

© Randall Grace 2015



"The Promise Net"

© Jon Cousins 2013
© Trevor 2013
© Jon Cousins 2013
© Trevor 2013

This powerful all-camp activity of personal change involved each person deciding on a specific action to start/stop doing, writing this personal promise on a felt fish, and then everyone one-by-one reading theirs aloud in front of the entire camp and attaching it to the fish net (which was raised high above the fireplace after the event).



"Pop Woof Life Celebration"

© Ian Woofenden 2012
© Jon Cousins 2012
© Jon Cousins 2012
© Jon Cousins 2012
© Jon Cousins 2012

The Rev. Dr. William R. "Pop Woof" Woofenden (along with his wife Louise Dole Woofenden) attended the FNCA for more than six decades. He was a core lecturer, throughout that time, as well as serving as Executive Committee member, president, vice-president, opening and closing crew, and all-around fix-it man. When he passed on in 2012, his offspring put together a celebratory event in his honor featuring music, photos, more music, memory sharing, and still more music because he really loved music.


"The Sparks Religion Class Shadow Play"

© Trevor 2012
© Trevor 2012
© Kurt Fekete 2012

The Sparks' religion classes put on a great shadow puppet show for the entire camp's enjoyment. It was a re-enactment of the pathways to the spiritual world. Each of the children decorated and manipulated their own character. Top: a scene from the play. Middle: Curtain call with each child with their character. Bottom: Wendy Little wearing her daughter Chloe's "Flames of Hell" as a hat.


"FNCA Display Table at Convention"

© FNCA 2012



"The 7-Headed Dragon of Revelation Pinata"

© Nancy F. Little 2011
© Trevor 2011

Emily Woofenden (top left) and her religion class (Brendan Crowe, top right) created this awesome 7-headed dragon piñata as part of their study of the Book of Revelation. Then, one afternoon, everyone gathered in the Dining Hall for a "Slaying the Dragon!" party! All the Sparks took turns with the whiffle bat while being loudly cheered on by the entire room. An amazing creation and an amazing event!



"A Wedding on the Front Lawn!"

© Nancy F. Little 2010



"A Baptism on the Front Lawn!"

© Jon Cousins 2009

See the Messenger announcement of the baptism here.


"Flames Water Balloon Fight"

© Emily Woofenden 2009

With the help of the Flames Advisor, the Flames had a massive water balloon fight that is still fondly remembered.



"Swing Dance!"

© Emily Woofenden 2008
© Emily Woofenden 2008
© Emily Woofenden 2008
© Emily Woofenden 2008

Myrhh & Joe Brooks (top photo), who met through swing dancing, gave a well-attended swing dance class that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.



"The FNCA Spruce Club"

© Myrrh Brooks 2004

More of an on-going special event in 2004 and 2005, the FNCA Spruce Club was created to give attendees a chance to help "spruce up" the camp. The camp budget was a bit low at that time, so this club was created to both raise funds and get some stuff done. A list was collected of cabins and rooms that needed lamps, towel bars, curtains, etc. All that was required to join (and get one of the spiffy Spruce Club pins pictured above!) was to donate money and/or time to the cause: $5 for regular members and $20 for working members!



"The Flames 75th Reunion"

© Nancy F. Little 2003
© Nancy F. Little 2003
© Nancy F. Little 2003

Large crowds of old and new Flames turned up for the Flames 75th reunion over middle weekend in 2003. The event included: a special banquet dinner on the front lawn; Stunt Night in which each decade of Flames got up on stage and delighted the audience with reminisces about their time as Flames as well as a few classical Stunt Night acts like Rev. Dr. George Dole's well-remembered Tiny Tim parody "Tink'ring With the Toilet"; and an all-camp game of that Flames' favorite: Capture the Flag; among other things.



"Ping Pong Tournament"

© Nancy F. Little 2002

The final rounds of the FNCA Ping Pong Tournament were held in the lecture hall.



"Polar Bear Club Record Attempt"

© Nancy F. Little 1998

Towards the end of first week, there were record numbers in attendance and quite warm temperatures, so at dinner Thursday evening, Papa Bear invited everyone to join in a Polar Bear Club Record Attempt the following morning. And Friday before breakfast they came down to the river in droves, smashing 1994's record 25 Polar Bears with an amazing 41 Polar Bears and also just barely squeaking in below the former low Polar Bear Quotient of 0.88 (also set in 1994) for a new all-time low PBQ of 0.87!



"The Laird Cabin Dedication"

© 1991 Larry Young

Rev. Dr. Bill & Louise Woofenden, Dorothy Davies (Laird's mother), and Rev. Dr. George Dole on the patio at the Laird Cabin dedication.


"Trevor's Stilt Show 1991"

© FNCA 1991



"Blueberry Bush Presentation"

© FNCA 1990
© Ian Woofenden 2016

In honor of their parents' 40th wedding anniversary, the 8 Woofenden siblings present the Assembly with 8 highbush blueberry bushes at a special dinner presentation. On cue, eight of their grandchildren paraded in the front door to Mom & Pop Woof's table, each carrying one of the bushes.

The bushes were planted in the corner of the lower lawn with a commemorative sign. These blueberries are still enjoyed by campers each year to this day.


"Trevor's Stilt Show 1990"

© FNCA 1990




"Trevor's Stilt Show 1989"

© FNCA 1989

Beginning in the late 1980s and into the early 1990s, Trevor would perform "The Aerial Delights Show" for the children (and lots of adults watching from the porch!) in the longish period of time between church and the big noon meal on middle Sunday every year.



"The Fiery Furnace"

© FNCA 1982

1982 Carol Rienstra production of "Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and the Fiery Furnace" [Daniel 3] on the front lawn, with the old flagpole holding up part of the set in the center. On the left are Sean Phinney, Becca Cunningham, Shawn Dolley on the throne as King Nebuchadnezzar, and Richard Mayer. Over on the right side are Shelley Dolley,  Katie Rienstra (now Kathryn Pruiett), Tonya Emery, Marcy Emery, and Vicki Walter.



"The Flames 50th Reunion"

© FNCA 1978
© FNCA 1978



"Emanuel Swedenborg's Lecture"

© FNCA 1972














In 1972, the FNCA was lucky enough to have Swedenborg himself deliver a lecture one day!



"Mary Valladares and Andrew Dole
on their Mutual Birthday"

© Dole 1967

Mary Valladares was our cook for over two decades. She and Andrew Dole shared a birthday, August 12. Andrew is 1 here. Mary is....




"Dedication of the Dole Wing"

© FNCA 1964

l to r: F. Gardiner Perry, Anita Dole, George Dole, Stuart Dole, Pauline Lawrence.

The Dole Wing was built in 1964, one year after the death of FNCA co-founder and first FNCA president, Rev. Louis A. Dole. A special dedication ceremony was held before lighting the first fire in the fireplace. It was officiated by FNCA president, F. Gardiner Perry, with Louie's wife, son, and grandson as guests of honor as well as Mrs. Pauline Lawrence (who was most likely a large benefactor of the building fund, hence her inclusion in this photo).



"Flood Family Reunion"

© FNCA 1961

l to r: Billy Flood, Wanda Richardson held by Judy Flood, Marilyn Flood, Dorrit Flood holding Dick Flood, Nathan Flood, Harold Flood, Joy Richardson (in front), Baxter Richardson, Merrilee Flood.


"Friday Night Bean Supper on the Lawn"

© Jim Perry 1950
© Jim Perry 1950

For many decades, ending sometime in the 1960s, dinner every Friday night was a Bean Supper on the Front Lawn.


"Friday Night Bean Supper on the Lawn"

© Jim Perry 1947


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