[FNCA History]

Our Founders

Rev. John Whitehead, Rev. Louis A. Dole, and Walter A. Robinson are the  founding fathers of the Fryeburg New Church Assembly. Rev. Dole (1885-1964) served as President of the organization for 21 years. Rev. Whitehead (1850-1930) worked closely with Rev. Dole and was on the lecture staff throughout the early years. Mr. Robinson (1854-1925) was instrumental in promoting the idea of starting a "New England Summer School" as early as 1912, and underwrote the cost of the first year of the FNCA in 1921. In 1922, he was officially appointed Treasurer for the Assembly, at which time he had already been the treasurer of the Maine Association for many years.


Seven years after our founding, the FNCA incorporated. The original 1928 Constitution was signed by:

Louis A. Dole, President
Asa E. Goddard, Vice President
Frances Twitchell, Recording Secretary
George S. Dole, Treasurer
Anita S. Dole, Corresponding Secretary
Elizabeth Beaman
Lois Greely West
Jeremy B. Goddard
Florence Whitehead
Alice Q. Kay
John Whitehead
Vera F. Meyer
Leroy R. Swanton
Marjorie Lee Walker

The Rev. Louis A. Dole Sermon Archive

[FNCA History]

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