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Past Camp Cooks

Meals were catered at the New Church Hall by the village baker.

A "new cook" prepared the meals at the New Church Hall.

Meals were served at the Alumni House at Fryeburg Academy, presumably prepared by the school cooks.


Cooks: Emma Haley, Helen Libby (1950)

1951-(at least) 1954 (maybe longer)
Head Cook: Helen Libby
Assistant Cooks: two other women
© FNCA 1950something






late 1950s-early 1970s
Head Cook: Mary Valladares
Assistant Cooks: at least two other women

© Dole 1967"ANYONE, anyone who remembers those crispy, crunchy, dripping with lard, fresh-out-the frying pan donuts will remember Mary V. I’ve never had a donut since that can compare! And the smell of them cooking, and of her whole kitchen, will transport you to the 60’s when she reigned."        
    ~~~Tina Wood,
                                             life-long FNCA camper

early 1970s-1979
Head Cook: Sandra Rankin Vaughn
Assistant Cooks: Sally Riley 1979

Head Cook: Sally Riley-Fernald
Assistant Cooks: Mary Taylor 1980-1981; Cindy Bouffard 1983-2000, also assisted by Cliff Archer in 1998; Sally's husband Bill Fernald 2001-2003.








Head Cook:
Assistant Cook: Wendy Little
Fill-in Weekend Assistants: Josh Grams


Head Cook: Bobby Abesamra
Assistant Cook:
© Trevor 2011












Head Cook: Jill Tyman
Assistant Cook: Donna (last name unknown)

Jill and Donna         © Jason Greenwood 2013










Head Cook: Janet Grey
Assistant Cook: Sean Phinney

Head Cook: Joyce Syracuse
Assistant Cook: Tammy Becker









Head Cook: Bill Leighton
Assistant Cook: Tammy Becker 2017-2018; none 2019







No cooks (in-person camp cancelled).

the COOK Crew (Caretakers Of Our Kitchen)
Jason Greenwood, Chris Tergliafera, and Alex Dyer

© Susannah Currie 2021











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