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Week One
Doctrinal Theme:
"The Doctrine of Life"

1. Rev. Dr. George F. Dole
(read by Rev. Dr. Gard Perry)
Swedenborg's Role to As If"

[This lecture is unavailable due to a messed up recording.]

1. Rev. Alison Longstaff
"Hereditary Evils and Inherited Traumas

2. Rev. George McCurdy
No One Can from Themselves Do Good that is Really Good"

1. Rev. George McCurdy

"Signs Drawn from the Lord's Word"

2. Rev. Dr. Gard Perry
"Why Can't We Be Good?"

1. Curtis Childs,
the 2015 Everett K. Bray Visiting Lecturer

The Way Things Really Are: How Heaven and Hell Show Up in the Modern Mind”

2. Lisa Sowold
“Good and Truth in Layman's Terms: the Inner Meaning of the Inner Meaning

1. Rev. Dr. George Dole
"Affirmative Negatives: The Bright Side of the Ten Commandments"

2. Rev. Hugh Odhner
"Mixed Motives, How the Lord Leads Us to Heaven"

Week Two
Biblical Theme:
"Mothers in the Bible"

1. Rev. Dr. Gard Perry
"Eve: the Mother of Us All"

2. Rev. Alison Lane-Olsen


1. Rev. Susannah Currie
NOTE: Rev. Currie gave this lecture dressed in period costume, sitting in a rocking chair, speaking as Rebekah.
2. Rev. Dr. Gard Perry
"Leah and Rachel"

1. Rev. Ken Turley
"God the Father as Mother"

2.Rev. Dr. Gard Perry
“Healing the Child Within”

1. Rev. Alison Longstaff
2. Rev. Julie Conoran

1. Rev. Julie Conoran
"Mary, Mother of Our Redeemer"

2. Rev. Alison Longstaff

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