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Past Camp Directors

Before 2002, the camp session was run by the President of the Executive Committee (the precursor to today's Board of Directors), so before that date, the Past FNCA Presidents were, de facto, also the Camp Director. In 2002, however, we changed our administrative structure, creating two separate decision-making bodies: the Board of Directors to make policy, and the Summer Session Committee to run the camp session. At the same time, we also made the President of the Board and the Camp Director into two separate positions. Since then, except for that changeover year in 2002, the FNCA President and the Camp Director have been two different people.

Since 2002, the Camp Director has been elected by the members at the Annual Meeting which is traditionally held on the 2nd Saturday of the camp session. The first date in each entry below, however, is not the year they were elected, but rather the year of the first session they were in charge of.


1. Rev. Louis A. Dole




2. Rev. Charles H. Kuenzli
© Rev. Susannah Currie 2017





FNCA did not meet because of WWII

3. Rev. Louis A. Dole




4. F. Gardiner Perry
© FNCA 1964





5. Rev. Dr. George F. Dole
(son of Rev. Louis A. Dole)
© FNCA 1962





6. Rev. George McCurdy
© Ian Woofenden 2013





7. Rev. Dr. Willam R. "Pop Woof" Woofenden
(son-in-law of Rev. Louis A. Dole)




8. Rev. Jim Lawrence





9. Rev. Dr. Gardiner Perry
(grandson of F. Gardiner Perry and
great grandson of co-founder John Whitehead)
© Trevor 2013





10. Ellen Morin
(granddaughter of Rev. Louis A. Dole and
daughter of Rev. Dr. Wm. R. Woofenden)






11. Don Foster
(grandson-in-law of Rev. Louis A. Dole and
son-in-law of Rev. Dr. Wm. R. Woofenden)




12. Debbie Cook
© Beki Greenwood 2014





13. Deane Currie
© Jesse White 2013




14. Debbie Cook
© Beki Greenwood 2014





15. Jason Greenwood
© Beki Greenwood 2013



vFNCA 2020
16. Trevor
(grandson of Rev. Louis A. Dole,
son of Rev. Dr. William R. Woofenden, and
brother of Ellen Morin)
© Trevor 2020

Note: Although Trevor was not elected Camp Director by the membership, as chair of the v2020 Virtual Summer Session Committee, he was the de facto camp director of the virtual summer session that was held that year.

17. Alia Woofenden
( -present)
(great granddaughter-in-law of Rev. Louis A. Dole,
granddaughter-in-law of Rev. Dr. William R. Woofenden, and first cousin once removed-in-law of Ellen Morin)
© Ken Woofenden 2020
Note: For personal reasons, Alia stepped down 4 months before the 2021 camp session began. She had already done a lot of work preparing for the camp session including hiring staff, preparing a Covid policy, etc.

18. CALM Team
(Camp Administration Leadership Management Team) - Beki Greenwood, Emily Woofenden, Rev. Susannah Currie, Trevor, Miriam Lexie, Carol LeBaron
Note: With the resignation of our Camp Director, the rest of the Summer Session Committee stepped in and volunteered to take over the duties of the Camp Director as a group for the 2021 camp session. Adding in the Registrar-in-training and the brand new Art Director brought the self-named CALM Team up to six members sharing the load together.


19. Beki Greenwood
( -present)
(wife of Jason Greenwood)
© Trevor 2022








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