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FNCA Construction & Improvements Dates


This is a chronology of when the various FNCA buildings were built and altered. Several for which exact dates are unknown are listed at the bottom of the page. A few of these that have been narrowed down to a range of just a few years are inserted in the chronology roughly where they go with notes indicating what is known. These are also included in the list of unknowns at the bottom of the page.

NEW items added in recent months:
Item                                       Year:#        Posted   
Perry Wing porch (new pic)       2002         10/27
Pantry doorpost removal dates unknown    10/17
Perry Wing porch and steps      2002           9/30
Work Weekend starts               1994:3        8/16


The FNCA purchases nearly 12 acres of property between  Rte 302 and the Saco River.
© FNCA 2018 The Kitchen is built, a single floor.
The current Dining Hall is added on to the northern end of the Kitchen. Referred to then as the "Assembly Room", the front end was used as the lecture hall and the back end as the dining hall.
The Goddard Cabin is built.
The Tool Shed is built (or perhaps in 1930).
1936© FNCA 2018
The Faxon Cabin is built ($360).
12 acres of land between the original parcel and the State Line is purchased, bringing the total up to 22 acres.
(sometime in there)
The Hinckley Cabin is built.
The Bellows Cabin is built ($440).
© Jon Cousins 20131940
Chalmers Lodge is built ($335.85).
The Claxton Cabin is built ($400).
1. "City electricity reaches the Assembly. The Main Building is rewired and the old gas-powered electricity generator is sold. The ol coal stove in the kitchen is sold and two new electric stoves are installed.
1. The Taft Cabin is built before the camp session ($704.22).
2. An electric light on our sign on the road is installed, with the switch to it in Chalmer's Lodge.
3. Construction of the Murdoch Cabin is begun after the camp session, in the late Fall.
1. The Murdoch Cabin is completed mid-summer before the Assembly session.
1. Just before the session, the Twitchell Cabin is built ($1,475).
2. A wooden flagpole made from a tree grown on the property was erected on the upper lawn at the center of the top of the hill.
3. Before the session, the Maine Information Center across the street is built. It's original position was right next to Haley Town Rd, nearly directly across from our entrance.© FNCA 2018
1. The Goddard Cabin porch is enlarged, roofed over, and screened in.
2. A fenced-in play yard for the children is built near where the current 4-Square cement tent platform stands.
1. A toilet and cesspool are added to the Taft Cabin. It is also wired for electricity.
The Bray Cabin ($2,800) and the Woofenden Cabin are built before the session.
The Goddard Annex is added onto the southern end of the Kitchen.
The Mack Cabin is built.
The Lawrence Cabin is built.
© Rev. George F. Dole 19641964
The Dole Wing is added onto the northern end of the Dining Hall.
The Perry Wing is added onto the back of the Dole Wing.
A new play yard is fenced in behind the Goddard Annex and a new door and steps are added to access it.
Whitehead Lecture Hall is added onto the northern end of the Dole Wing.© FNCA 2018
1976 The Perry Cabin and Bath House are built.
The Hinckley Cabin is razed.
Unused land at the northern end of the property is sold in order to purchase two housing lots in the Weston Way housing development at the southern end in New Hampshire, thus both creating a buffer between us and the development, as well as providing space for two more cabins along the river bank.
1. The Boston Cabin is built.© Trevor 2011
2. The Boys Bunkhouse is built on the same cement platform where the old Big Boys Tent was.
The Laird Cabin is built.
1. New metal roof on the Twitchell Cabin.
2. Stairways in the Main Building sheetrocked.
3. Work Weekend starts.
The Tool Shed is moved from the end of the Goddard Annex to next to Chalmers Lodge.
1. A new metal flagpole is put up in the far corner of the lower lawn.
2. A wall is built in the Little Mack side of the Mack Cabin creating a private room that includes the pre-existing bathroom, separating it from the laundry area. At the same time on the Big Mack side of the Mack Cabin, the old entrance at the end of the building is replaced with a solid exterior wall, and a new interior wall is built creating a private room with a doorway into a new hallway that runs between the pre-existing bath on that side of the cabin to a new door on the front of the building so that both the residents of the new room as well© FNCA 2002 as the boys sleeping in the Bunkhouse can share that bathroom.
The Tool Shed, Pump House, and water holding tank structure get new roofs.
New back porch and stairs built on the Perry Wing.
© FNCA 20181. Adrienne Frank Fellowship Hall is built.
2. The Bray Cabin porch and bathrooms are reconfigured.
New metal roof on the Bray Cabin.
1. The Twitchell Cabin entrances are moved from © Trevor 2011the front of the cabin to the end of the porches so you no longer enter directly into the bedrooms, and a wheelchair ramp is added to Twitchell South.
2. The walls of little tiny Room 10 (the old "hospital room" upstairs above the pantry in the Main Building) are taken down and a long wall is built from there along the eastern edge of the Cook's Quarters to the main stairway up to the Girls Dorm, thus creating a new hallway
from the upstairs bedrooms' hallway above the Dining Hall over to the Girls Dorm.
3. The tool/bike shed on the end of the Woofenden Cabin was beyond repair, so it was removed before putting a new metal roof on the cabin.
4. New shelves were added floor-to-ceiling on the north wall of the Toolshed to make room for the late Rev. Dr. Pop Woof's extensive tool collection.© 2018 Lee Dyer
1. New metal roof on the entire Main Building.
2. New metal roof on the Perry Cabin.
3. New door and doorframe on the Laird Cabin.
New metal roof on the Laird Cabin.
New metal roof on the Bunkhouse.
© Dana Richardson 20161. The Pump House gets a new foundation. ---------->
2. New metal roofs on the Taft Cabin and Claxton Cabin.
3. A small angled doorsill is added to the front door into the Dining Hall on the front porch to make it more wheelchair accessible.
4. Legal-size handicapped doorway installed on the 1st floor bathroom in the Dole Wing.
1. The screen windows and © Trevor 2017wood panels to cover them on the front of Chalmers Lodge are replaced with openable glass windows.
2. New metal roofs on the Faxon Cabin and Bellows Cabin.
New metal roof on the Mack Cabin.


Exact Construction Dates Unknown:

Well House
(unknown, possibly built as early as 1929 when the Kitchen was built)

Pump House
(built in the early days sometime before 1946)

Hinckley Cabin
(built most likely sometime between 1938-1941)
(razed most likely in 1983)

Woofenden Cabin tool/bike shed
(built sometime in the 1970s???)

pantry entrance double doors center post removed
(somewhere between 1990-2007)


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