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Rev. and Mrs. Louis A. Dole Memorial Wing

Louis & Anita Dole wedding photos   © June 19, 1919The Dole Wing was built in 1964 as an adult lounge (no Sparks or Flames allowed) and named in honor of the Rev. Louis "Louie" Alexander Dole and Anita Sturges Dole. Rev. Dole (1885-1964) was one of the co-founders of the FNCA, the president of the Assembly for the first 20 years, and a core lecturer from 1921-1963. Anita Dole (1889–1973), is the author of the Dole Bible Study Notes. She taught the Flames class for decades.

The Rev. Louis A. Dole Sermon Archive.

© FNCA 2011The Dole Wing has a large fireplace, a couch and comfortable chairs, a full bookcase with glass doors, the Assembly's computer station, the Book Table of religious books for sale, historical FNCA documents and photos, art by New Church artists on the walls, and a supply closet. It is also the only (relatively) sound-proofed area on the grounds and is ideal for after hours use.

The Dole Wing also holds the 1st floor unisex bathroom and the "games closet" as well as stairs to the 2nd floor of the Main Building. Upstairs, the Dole Wing has two finished bedrooms with river and mountain views, the men's room, and a large supply closet.

Our handicapped ramp runs along the front outside wall of the Dole Wing from the ground to the deck and from there up to the front porch.

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The brand-new in 2016 handicap-accessible wide door to the 1st floor bathroom.


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Room 1 upstairs.


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The view from Room 1


© George Dole 1964

This photo of the then brand-new Dole Wing was taken before either the Perry Wing or Whitehead Hall were added on to it. The exterior door in the photo now opens into Whitehead Hall, and the side-by-side windows on that same wall are still there providing a means of observing the events in the Hall without disturbing them.

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