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Chalmers Lodge

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Chalmers Lodge was built in 1940 as a rec hall for the Flames by Mrs. Jeanette F. Chalmers as a © FNCA 2002memorial to her daughter Elisabeth "Bette" Chalmers, who was initiated as a member of the Flames in 1931 at age 17, and to her husband Robert Edwin Chalmers, both of whom died in an accident in 1939.

Chalmers Lodge has openable glass windows on the front, and huge, screened, glass-less windows with hinged wooden covers outside on the other three sides. Inside, there are built-in bench seats with storage underneath around most of two sides, a ping pong

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table a foosball table, and a Bluetooth sound system. Speaking of which, Chalmers Lodge is the only place at camp where music devices are allowed without earphones.

The Flames often spend a lot of their free time hanging out in Chalmers Lodge.

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84 Main St, Fryeburg, ME 04037 (map)