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© Anna Rich 2009

People regularly ask if there is anything they can bring to the Assembly that we need and/or would be used. It is really nice that you ask because there's a wide variety of Stuff We Want which campers could supply that would really help improve various areas of camp.

Here are four different request lists of what we currently would like in four different areas of camp:

Got any old tools lying around that you don't want or need, and you just can't bear to throw them away? We are always in need of any type of yard or hand tools you have no need for. If you can't transport them to camp yourself, please contact Colgate Searle colgatesearlejunior@gmail.com and we'll try to connect you with someone in your area who is attending and could bring them to camp for you.

king-size blankets
new standard size bed pillows
twin beds, loveseat, and comfy chairs for the Cooks Quarters


© Emily Woofenden 2007FROM THE WEBMASTER:
I'm looking for camp pictures of the following:
* = current photos only

 1. photos of the Board and all the various committees*
 2. inside the Boys Bunkhouse*
 3. morning chapel*
 4. saying grace before a meal
 5. a picture of someone with their sponsor*
 6. salad bar*
 7. Sales Table*

 8. handwork done at camp
 9. people at the waterfront
10. multi-generational photos of all kinds

11. campers napping not in their room or cabin
12. All-camp group photos for years we don't have on the All-Camp Group Photos page

I'd also like any and all old camp pictures you are willing to share, especially from the 1960's or earlier.

If you have any of the above images we can use, please email them to me at
trevor@trevorthegamesman.com or send me a link to where they are online. Your photos will be credited and copyrighted to you so please include your full name. It would also be terrific if you could identify people, places, and relevant things, as well as the year the photo was taken if you know it. If you don't know any or all of this info, PLEASE  just send your pictures anyways.

a Florence Murdoch painting for the Murdoch cabin
blue recycle bins

canoe paddles
scissors of all sizes
Scotch tape



© Anna Rich 2009
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