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"Lalla's Garden" Quilt Raffle

"Lalla's Garden" is a beautiful, hand stitched quilt designed and created by life-long FNCA member Julie Rankin in 2019.

© FNCA 2019

In Julie’s own words,

“This quilt was designed and created to support the Lalla's Memorial Garden Fund project at Fryeburg New Church Assembly. The featured flowers are among those planted on the grounds over a span of at least two decades under the guidance of Cecilia "Lalla" Guiu Searle, hardy perennials that thrive in New England and bloom in August when the camp is in session: day lilies, purple coneflower, bee balm, daisies, and black-eyed Susans. The colors are evocative of all that we love about being at the FNCA: the woods, the sandy beach along the river, the mountains across the way, from early morning to sunset and into the night sky so full of stars. And though they are not to scale, those tall pines that nearly surround the camp are still hovering around the edges, standing guard.”

At the 2022 Annual Meeting, the raffle drawing was held. The winner was the person responsible for selling (not buying, but selling) the most tickets: Lee Dyer! The raffle raised over $1,700 for Lalla's Garden Fund.

© FNCA 1971Julie Rankin was born in Fryeburg ME in the later 1950s and attended the Fryeburg New Church in town. As a young teenager, she first came to the Assembly in the role of babysiter. She liked being at the FNCA so much, she started attending as a camper and quickly became a leader among the Flames.

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