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Fine Art

"Girls Tents" by Florence Whitehead      © FNCA 2016Over the years, there have been, and continue to be, a surprising number of creative people at the Assembly. Most of them just can't help making art while they're at camp.

Spread throughout many of the buildings, there are paintings by various New Church artists who have attended the FNCA, from its earliest days to the present, with (what is for us) an extensive gallery of them in the Dole "Anna Rich Painting on the Path"© Nancy F. Little 2013Wing. Artists include: Anne Cary Bradley, Florence Murdoch, Florence Whitehead (painting above of the Girls Tents painted sometime before 1948), Benjamin Tucker Newman, Beryl Foster, Lois McCurdy, Carolyn Judson, Louise Dole Woofenden, Sally Dinsmore, Lynn Zimmerman, Mary Keating, Nancy S. Hinson, Anna Rich (pictured at left painting on the path down to the river; and below is her painting of the Taft Cabin porch), and a host of others.

"Taft Cabin porch" by Anna Rich                                  © 2014 Anna Rich

We have also seen 3-D art, jewelry, professional-grade photography, plays and skits and other performing arts, and a wide assortment of other artistic endeavors by FNCA members at camp.

NEW photos on this page in recent months:
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"Ava's Sunset Over the Mountains" 2023      8/1


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"Ava's Sunset Over the Mountains"

© Trevor 2023

Ava (age 8), avidly and without hesitation, drew this during an Evening Activity in which we were prompted to draw how we feel about things. Since it was a child's art, someone (but not either of her parents) taped it to the front of the camper fridge in the Dining Hall.



"Katie's Button Carolyn-style"

© Katie Brown 2021

Katie Brown created this button of the view from the front lawn drawn Carolyn Judson style.



© Katie Brown 2021

Tina Wood (l.) checking out an item in Carolyn Judson's (r.) trunk sale. Often, when Carolyn comes to camp, she'll set up some of her art work in the trunk of her car and have a "trunk sale" after lunch.



"Josie Ellis Painting in the Sales Table Auction"

© Gloria Costello 2020

This circa-1960 Josie Ellis painting of Sparks on the front lawn was donated to the 2020 vFNCA Sales Table auction by Gloria Costello. It was given to Gloria by her parents who told her that one of the children in the painting is her! The painting sold for $225. Josie Ellis was an FNCA member who attended the Boston Church.


"Saco View"

© Randall White 2020

This 9x12 watercolor of the Saco from the edge of the lower lawn was donated to the vFNCA Sales Table Auction by the artist, life-long FNCA member Randall White. It sold for $125.


"Raindrops on a Leaf"

© Trevor 2020


"Mid-Winter Board Meeting Snowflake"

© Trevor 2020

Made by the photographer during the Board's online mid-winter meeting. (He wasn't the only Board member who did this!)



"Polar Bear Club Painting"

© Nancy S. Hinson 2018

The Polar Bear Club was honored this year with this custom-made painting of a polar bear diving off the dock into the river. It now hangs (read "is nailed) in a place of honor above the Polar Bear Club's PBQ chalkboard in the Dining Hall.


"Sand Drawing"

© Rebekka Lange 2018


"Love Between Cousins"

© 2018 Sarah May Grams

Charlotte and Maggie were working on this artwork together.


"Auction Earrings"

© Sarah Grams 2018
© Sarah Grams 2018

Rev. Susannah Currie had the winning bid on a pair of custom-designed tatted earring by Sarah Grams. Here's the design Susannah chose and Sarah made. Beautiful.

"Tie Dye on the Line"

© Sarah Grams 2018



"Charlotte's Pipecleaner Flower Ring"

© Trevor 2017


"Amelia's Paper Flower Ring"

© Trevor 2017



© Trevor 2017


"Scott McCurdy's Fish"

© Trevor 2017

This is on the wall next to the bathroom door in the Taft Cabin, where the McCurdy's stayed when their kids were young.

"Rajini's Nature Art"

© Trevor 2017

This is hanging in the Woof Cabin behind the front door. It is signed by Rajini on the back.


"Charlotte and Jane Crafting"

© Ian Woofenden 2017

Charlotte Brooks working on a pine cone painting project with Rev. Jane Siebert.


"Serena's School T-Shirt Design"

© Beki Greenwood 2017

Serena's t-shirt design at school on the theme of "Summer Fun" was a picture of swimming in the Saco River.


"Buddhist Meditation"

© Jesse White 2017


"Marriage Medallion"

© Leone Dyer 2016

This wooden Swedenborg marriage quote medallion was made by the bride for Troy and Sarah Grams's wedding which was at the Assembly two weeks before camp this year.


© Sarah May Grams 2016


"Liz on the Porch"

© Jesse White 2016

"Art Tiles I, II, III"

© Ian Woofenden 2016
© Jesse White 2016
© Leone Dyer 2016

"Lois Marker Art"

© Jesse White 2016


"Woof Cabin Artwork"

© Trevor 2016

Heidi Woofenden colored this fine mosaic and put it on the wall over the counter in the bathroom of the Woof Cabin when she was a Spark in the 1990s. It's been there every since.

"The Colgateville Sawmill"

© Sarah May Grams 2016

The architecture on this sawmill is so finely done that it's hard to tell that it's a miniature. Bravo, Colgate! You can see several other Colgateville buildings in the background.



© Nancy F. Little 2016

And now Colgate has branched out to creating animals to inhabit Colgateville!


"Happy with Her Work"

© Herb Ziegler 2016

Jesse White is very happy about learning to make "Apache Door" (i.e., a blanket) in String Figures Class.


"Pine Tree Pastel"

© Trevor 2016



"Creating Art in the Boston Cabin"

© Jesse White 2015


"Moses & the Israelites"

© Nancy F. Little 2015
© Beki Greenwood 2015

One day during Morning Chapel, we were delighted to have an theatrical presentation of the story of Moses & the Israelites and the bitter water made sweet.


"First Sandcastle of the Afternoon"

© Rebekka Lange 2015

"Second Sandcastle"

© Rebekka Lange 2015


"Sage Advice from Lectures"

© Jesse White 2015


"The Artist at Work"

© Kristina Madjerac 2015



"Caroline Creating"

© Beki Greenwood 2014


"Helping with the Race"

© Jon Cousins 2014

Phoebe Crowe help out with the inaugural Dole 3 Miler by making signs for the race.


"Auctioneer Dan Cook Exhibits Some of the
Terrific Art in This Year's Sales Table Auction"

© Beki Greenwood 2014


"Anna Rich Painting of the Taft Cabin Porch"

© 2014 Anna Rich


"Anna Rich Painting of Colgateville"

© Anna Rich 2014



"Some of the Art Donated to the
Sales Table Auction This Year"

© Trevor 2013

Donated art includes framed pictures by several New Church artists, earrings, lacquered nesting paper candy cups, a placque, as well as what appears to be a can of Bondo. 


"Rev. Hugh Odner With His New
Florence Whitehead Painting"

© Trevor 2013

Hugh was quite pleased to have the winning bid for this Florence Whitehead painting at the Sales Table Auction this year.


"Nancy Little With Her New
Jon Crowe FNCA Tile Print"

© Trevor 2013

Nancy Little is thrilled to have the winning bid on this Jon Crowe tile print.


"Heidi Woofenden With Her New
Lalla Searle Earrings"

© Trevor 2013

Heidi Woofenden is just so SO happy to have the winning bid on this set of earrings made by Cecilia "Lalla" Searle.


"Gard Perry With His New
Nesting Lacquered Paper Candy Dishes"

© Trevor 2013

Gard Perry proudly displays his new nesting, lacquered, paper candy dishes that he had the winning bid on at this year's Sales Table Auction.


"Colorful Sparks Hands"

© Trevor 2013


"I Crocheted a Cozy for My New Jar"

© Nancy F. Little 2013


"The Artist at Work"

© Nancy F. Little 2013

Anna Rich



"Rev. McCurdy with Art Displays Created by His Wife, Lois, for His Lecture"

© Herb Ziegler 2012

Rev. George McCurdy's wife Lois McCurdy often creates vivid visual aids to enhance George's lectures. Many people find them to be very useful in understanding the concepts Rev. McCurdy is trying to get across.


"Rev. Odhner's Graphic of Spiritual Levels"

© Herb Ziegler 2012

Rev. Hugh Odhner, on the other hand, doesn't have any problem creating a fine visual aid on the spot that is also very effective in getting his point across in a visual way.


"The Sparks Class Shadow Play"

© Nancy F. Little 2012
© Nancy F. Little 2012


© Nancy F. Little 2012


© Trevor 2012


The Sparks' religion classes put on a great shadow puppet show for the entire camp's enjoyment. It was a re-enactment of the pathways to the spiritual world. Each of the children decorated and manipulated their own character.


"Paper Bag Puppets Theatre"

© Emily Woofenden 2010


"Work in Progress"

© Ian Woofenden 2011

Our very own Carolyn Judson with a landscape she's been working on at camp this year.


"McCurdy Lecture Art"

© Nancy F. Little 2011

Rev. George McCurdy's wife Lois often makes wonderfully artistic visual aids for his lectures.


"Fairy House"

© Nancy F. Little 2011

Built by some Sparks on the side of a tree between Whitehead Hall and the Mack Cabin.



"Emanuel Swedenborg"

© Beki Greenwood 2010

This classic image of Emanuel Swedenborg has been hanging on the wall next to the stairs into Whitehead Lecture Hall for decades.


"Carolyn Judson's On-Going Work"

© Beki Greenwood 2010

With pen in hand, the artist draws the trees on the embankment as seen from the front porch.



© Nancy F. Little 2010

MaryBeth Bernier working on a pencil drawing.


"It's Another Trunk Sale!"

© Nancy F. Little 2010
© Nancy F. Little 2010
© Nancy F. Little 2010
© Nancy F. Little 2010

Carolyn Judson's pop up "Trunk Sales" are a big hit whenever she does one. There's always campers who are delighted to be able to buy a fine piece of art directly from the artist.



"Art Postcard"

© FNCA 2009

This undated postcard of a large Carolyn Judson painting was found in the FNCA files this year. It depicts the view downstream from the top edge of the front lawn.


"Anne Cary Bradley Painting
at the Sales Table Auction"

© Nancy F. Little 2009

MaryBeth Bernier display a lovely Anne Cary Bradley painting donated to the Sales Table Auction.


"A Spark's Sculpture"

© Emily Woofenden 2009

Caleigh Crowe working on a fine art sculpture during the Sparks' morning play time in the Goddard Annex.


"Crocheted Yarn Dyed with Kool-Aid"

© Beki Greenwood 2009

Beki Greenwood and Kristina Madjerac dyed this yarn with Kool-Aid during Rest Hour one day. Kristina is making a hat out of it. (She'll make a scarf out of the rest.)


"Look What We Made!"

© Emily Woofenden 2009




© Tobin Grams 2008



"Flames Sand Art I, II, III"

© Kristina Madjerac 2007
© Kristina Madjerac 2007


© Kristina Madjerac 2007



"Chalmers Art (undated)"

© FNCA 2002

Over many decades, the Flames put a LOT of graffiti and art on the walls in Chalmers Lodge and in the dorms. It all got painted over in 2002, but we have photos of quite a bit of it. Much of it is names and inside jokes and goofy teen stuff, but here and there was some quality art. You can see two more here and here.



"Chalmers Art 1998"

© FNCA 1998

Over many decades, the Flames put a LOT of graffiti and art on the walls in Chalmers Lodge and in the dorms. It all got painted over in 2002, but we have photos of quite a bit of it. Much of it is names and inside jokes and goofy teen stuff, but here and there was some quality art. You can see two more here and here.



"Painting on the Dock"

© FNCA 1997




"Chalmers Art 1992"

© FNCA 1992

Over many decades, the Flames put a LOT of graffiti and art on the walls in Chalmers Lodge and in the dorms. It all got painted over in 2002, but we have photos of quite a bit of it. Much of it is names and inside jokes and goofy teen stuff, but here and there was some quality art. You can see two more here and here.



"Landscape Painting Retreat"

© FNCA 1987
© FNCA 1987
© FNCA 1987


The week before camp, an artist retreat was held, "Landscape Painting in the White Mountains", hosted by FNCA artist Carolyn Judson with 3 hours of instruction each day by Brooklyn artist Jacqueline Lima.



"The Fiery Furnace"

© FNCA 1982

1982 Carol Rienstra production of "Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and the Fiery Furnace" [Daniel 3] on the front lawn, with the old flagpole holding up part of the set in the center. On the left are Sean Phinney, Becca Cunningham, Shawn Dolley on the throne as King Nebuchadnezzar, and Richard Mayer. Over on the right side are Shelley Dolley,  Katie Rienstra (now Kathryn Pruiett), Tonya Emery, Marcy Emery, and Vicki Walter.



"Plywood Playing Card House"

© FNCA 1977

Lee Woofenden and Chuck Leese sitting on top of the house they built playing-card-style out of old sheets of plywood. Who knows how they got up there?!?


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