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Looking back on
FNCA 1995

by Trevor

Each year at this time, we enjoy a look back at last year's FNCA session, digging through fond memories of all sorts. Different people have warm spots in their hearts for many different aspects of camp, so here are a few "reflections" on last year's session from a wide assortment of people.

© FNCA 1996"Our first female president! Wow!" Yes, for the first time in it's some 75 years or so of existence, the FNCA elected its first  female president, Ellen Morin of Waltham MA, at last summer's Annual Meeting. After approaching several people who basically said NO WAY, the Nominating Committee widened its search and took an historical leap.

"Ellen Who???" someone said at the Annual Meeting when the slate was read. Ellen Morin has been attending the FNCA since she was born and is well-known to regular attendees... just not by that name. Recently married (hence the name change), she's the daughter of former FNCA president & registrar, the Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Wm. R. "Pop & Mom Woof" Woofenden.

© Rebekka Lange 2015"That was sooo cool! You should have seen the ants coming out of that tree." A major Work Day project was re-cutting the Faxon Nature Trail along the river. A hefty crew put in a total of about 20 hours work, and the result is wonderful. As a Grand Re-Opening event, a crowd of people gathered after supper the day it was finished and walked the trail together with Camp Naturalist, Anne Perry, pointing out various wonders of nature along the way. The group enjoyed this so much that they decided to start a new camp tradition of walking the Faxon Nature Trail after supper every day. The trail itself starts down at our camp waterfront and hugs the river downstream. At the bend in the river, the path forges up the rather steep bank and then loops back along the ridge, coming out behind the Boys Bunkhouse into the back field. The total loop usually took the hikers about 20-25 minutes. Special thanks to the Schnurrs for permission to use the part of the trail that's on their property.

© Trevor 2011"I would suggest that when Swedenborg used the word 'heredity', it may involve something that we call genetics, but probably even stronger, it involves the atmosphere in which we are raised... the environment." Our 2nd week lectures on The Problem of Evil were mentioned repeatedly as being especially interesting, educational, and thought-provoking. There were many post-lecture discussions that ran on for hours, days even in a few cases. And it was also brought to people's attention that the FNCA lectures are available on tape.

© Nancy F. Little 2009"Who does all this work and how do we pay for it?" Yes, many people noticed major improvements in the buildings and facilities. The cooks were particularly pleased with the renovations in the kitchen. The Trustees have been systematically working to bring our camp into alignment with up-dated state laws. We are grateful to David Richardson for his tireless work as the chair of the Trustees and for his endless hours of volunteer time that he and his crew have put into making the grounds beautiful, useful, and legal. Yay Dave!

© Kristina Madjerac 2009"Don't forget Pop Woof." If something goes haywire during camp, be it plumbing, electricity, furniture, or whatever, it's our Camp Handyman to the rescue! It's amazing what  Pop can fix with a little WD-40, some duct tape, and a shed full of tools.

© FNCA 1995"There seems to be a very high camaraderie among the children this year." Indeed, the Sparks were a rather close group, helping each other in lots of different ways, many of them not visible to most of the camp. Cheers for the children!

1995 All-Camp Group Photo

© Ed Schnurr 1995

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