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Handwork & Crafts

© Nora Woofenden 2008

There is a rich tradition of handwork and crafts at camp: knitting, crochet, needlepoint, beading, whittling, string figures, etc., as well as drawing, painting, origami, papier mâché, screen printing, and more.

Keeping the hands busy while the mind is engaged is a time-honored method of staying focused, so handwork is especially popular among adults during our two morning lectures each day as well as during free time sitting together with friends. Crafts, on the other hand, are regularly offered in childcare during lectures, as evening activities for all, and on rainy afternoons when the waterfront is closed.

NEW photos on this page in recent months:
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"Tie Dye on the Line"                      2023     8/19
"Paper Strawberry Gift Boxes"         2023     8/19


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"Tie Dye on the Line"

© Nancy F. Little 2023


"Paper Strawberry Gift Boxes"

© Lee Dyer 2023

For an Evening Program, Lee Dyer taught us how to make these delightful paper strawberry gift boxes.



"Tie Dying in the Afternoon"

© Trevor 2022


"Stitch Meditation"

© Beki Greenwood 2022

An Evening Activity lead by our Art Director, Carol LeBaron (far right).


"Leaf Stitch Meditation with Carol LeBaron"

© FNCA 2020

The whole class

© Carol LeBaron 2020

Carol LeBaron's


© FNCA 2020

Heidi Woofenden's


© FNCA 2020

Amy Cooke's


© FNCA 2020

Alia Woofenden's


© FNCA 2020

Maggie's first stitch work ever!


"Scolage with Amy Cooke"

© FNCA 2020


"Jason Woof's Origami Class"

the crane:

© Jason Woofenden 2020
© Jason Woofenden 2020

the balloon:

© Jason Woofenden 2020
© Jason Woofenden 2020
© Jason Woofenden 2020


© Lynn Zimmerman 2020

Lynn Zimmerman's




"Betty is Happy With Her Balsam Pillow"

© Jesse White 2019

Betty Lowe displays her work from the Balsam Pillow Making evening activity.



© Sarah Grams 2019



"Yes, Men Sew"

© Nancy F. Little 2018



"The Housing Chart"

© Trevor 2017




© Sarah May Grams 2016


"Crafts Class"

© Sarah May Grams 2016


"Two Independent Crafters"

© Sarah May Grams 2016


"Witch's Broom"

© Emily Woofenden 2016

"Swedenborg Oversees Colgateville"

© Nancy F. Little 2015


© Nancy F. Little 2016

"String Masks"

© FNCA 2016

This string figure is really called Osage Two Diamonds but it also moonlights as an excellent mask!


© Ian Woofenden 2016



"Crochet Project"

© Nancy F. Little 2014


"Felted Turtle"

© Kristina Madjerac 2014


"Felted Roses"

© Kristina Madjerac 2014

"Colgateville Woodshed"

© Beki Greenwood 2014


"Felted Bluebird"

© Beki Greenwood 2014


"This Qualifies as Actual Handwork!"

© Jon Cousins 2014


"Lecture Project"

© Emily Woofenden 2014



"Crochet with Mug"

© Kristina Madjerac 2013


"The Sparks Classes 'Promise Net' Event"

© Emily Woofenden 2013
© Emily Woofenden 2013
© Jon Cousins 2013
© Trevor 2013
© Trevor 2013
© Trevor 2013


"Religion Rocks!"

© Emily Woofenden 2013


"Jason's Origami Class"

© Beki Greenwood 2013



"Lois at the Sewing Machine"

© Herb Ziegler 2012


"Ruby's Colosseum of Cards"

© Trevor 2012

Ruby Blackman has been creating card houses at camp for a couple of years now. This is, perhaps, her most ambitious creation. It uses more than 4 decks of cards and took most of an hour (lecture) to build.

"A House Built on a Rock..."

© Jon Cousins 2012


"The Sparks Religion Class Shadow Play"

© Trevor 2012
© Trevor 2012
© Kurt Fekete 2012

The Sparks' religion classes put on a great shadow puppet show for the entire camp's enjoyment. It was a re-enactment of the pathways to the spiritual world. Each of the children decorated and manipulated their own character. Top: a scene from the play. Middle: Curtain call with each child with their character. Bottom: Wendy Little wearing her daughter Chloe's "flames of hell" as a hat.


"Animal Crowns"

© Trevor 2012



"The 7-Headed Dragon of Revelation Pinata"

© Nancy F. Little 2011
© Trevor 2011

Emily Woofenden (top left) and her religion class (Brendan Crowe, top right) created this awesome 7-headed dragon piñata as part of their study of the Book of Revelation. Then, one afternoon, everyone gathered in the Dining Hall for a "Slaying the Dragon!" party! All the Sparks took turns with the whiffle bat while being loudly cheered on by the entire room. An amazing creation and an amazing event!

"Sparks Shirts"

     © Trevor 2011
© Trevor 2011

Under the direction of Kristina Madjerac, the Sparks got to make their very own shirts during childcare.


"Teen Art"

© Nina Sasser 2011


"C3's Coathanger Creations"

© Jon Cousins 2011
© Jon Cousins 2011
© Holly Bauer 2011
© Holly Bauer 2011

C3 (Colgate Searle III) made a big splash with his wonderful coat hanger creations. He donated the frog and glasses at the top to the FNCA Sales Table Auction.


"Jason's Origami Class"

© Nancy F. Little 2011

Jason Woofenden (in blue shirt) taught a full table of eager paper folders a variety of creations one evening.


"Lecture Art"

© Ian Woofenden 2011

This delightful visual was created to illustrate various points in one of Rev. Susannah Currie's inspiring lectures.

"Come and See"

© Trevor 2011

A felt banner, which now hangs in the Dining Hall, depicts many of the things John was bidden to "come and see" that appeared when each of the 7 seals were opened in the Book of Revelation, chapter 6.



"Karla Quilting"

© Beki Greenwood 2010

"Monster Fingers!"

© Beki Greenwood 2011

"Crafting in the Goddard Annex"

© Emily Woofenden 2010

© Jon Cousins 2010

These Sparks are thoroughly engrossed in their art in the childcare program during lectures.



"Busy During Lecture"

© Anna Rich 2009                 

George & Lois Dole are often found sitting together doing handwork during lectures.


"Crochet Pro"
© Kristina Madjerac 2009

Kristina Madjerac demonstrating a decade-plus of crochet skill.


"Heidi's Hand-Made Name Tag"

© Jon Cousins 2009

"Art on the Front Porch"

© Rachel Madjerac 2009


"Lalla Knitting in the Dole Wing"

© Anna Rich 2009



© Beki Greenwood 2008

Emily Woofenden shows Kristina Madjerac some knitting tips.


"Clay Sculpting"

© Emily Woofenden 2008                               Caleb Woofenden hard at work with clay and a table knife during childcare in the Goddard Annex.


"Slouch Couch"

© Jon Cousins 2008                      

Emily Woofenden and Beki Greenwood getting down with their yarn.

"Nancy's Owls"
© Nancy F. Little 2008


When Nancy Little crocheted these owls inn 2008, several other "knit-wits" were anxious to learn how to make them, too.

"A Man's Job"

© Emily Woofenden 2008 Beki Greenwood wraps a ball of yarn while her dad, Rick Phinney, does the traditional man's job. (Who knows what Ben Grams is doing in the background, though.)


© Nora Woofenden 2008

Heidi Woofenden, Emily Woofenden, and Myrrh Brooks, cousins all, obviously concentrating on their handwork in front of the fireplace in the Main Building.

"Kristina Knitting with Round Needles"

© Emily Woofenden 2008



"FNCA Polar Bears"

© Nancy F. Little 1998
Louise Dole "Mom Woof" Woofenden created these FNCA Polar Bears in honor of the FNCA Polar Bear Club. They sold out quickly on the Sales Table, however we recently found the original pattern below. Shown above down at Polar Bear Swim one morning in 1998 are two unique FNCA Polar Bears which Mom Woof made in a slightly bigger size than the rest. They are carefully marked on their tags: "FNCA PAPA POLAR BEAR" and "FNCA MAMA POLAR BEAR".

Mom Woof's original pattern is very, very close to original size. Cut two pieces out of white fluffy material (with extra around the edges for the seam). Stitch the eyes, nose, and mouth on one with black thread. Outline the pattern below on the back of one piece, and following the line, sew the two pieces together back to back nearly all the way around leaving a gap at the tag. Stuff well. Insert the hand-lettered tag into the opening and carefully sew up the rest of the way. Voilà: FNCA Polar Bear plush toy!

© Louise Dole Woofenden 1998



"Little Lambs Making Little Lambs"

© FNCA 1983

There are often crafts during the Sparks' daily religion class in the Goddard Annex. That's Elise Simons (now Genzlinger) on the left and Kenneth Woofenden on the right.



"Crafting in the Kitchen"

© Trevor 1973                                 

Cindy Leese crafting in the kitchen between meals.


"Knitting on a Bench"

© Trevor 1972

Louise Dole Woofenden knits on a bench at the top of the hill on the front lawn while her son Lee Woofenden looks on.


"Crafting in a Canoe"

© FNCA 1949

Carolyn Judson does handwork on the river. That's Priscilla (Pat) Alden behind her and George Dole at the helm.

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