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© Beki Greenwood 2010 People willing to commit time and energy to the cause are a HUGE help. Everyone on the Board of Directors and all our committees are volunteers. Our entire staff except the cooks are volunteers. Most of the maintenance on the Assembly grounds is done by volunteers. The bulletin, website, articles in the Messenger, Facebook groups and other social media, etc., are all created, put together, and/or maintained by volunteers. We've had FNCA t-shirts, note cards, postcards, antique photo prints, bumper stickers, jewelry, and all sorts of other camp memorabilia created by volunteers. Quilters made a beautiful quilt one year and raffled it off throughout Convention. A chair caner has been systematically recaning Assembly chairs. Craftspeople have repaired broken furniture and built new ones. The list goes on and on. In fact, the life and blood of the Fryeburg New Church Assembly has been based on volunteerism from the very beginning way back in the 1920s.

© Ben Phinney 2014No matter what your talent, from pop art to plumbing, volunteering your services is a great way to help the Assembly. If you're unsure of how your talents could be of use, please speak to the camp director or a Board Member.

Some Specific Suggestions:

Come to Work Weekend.

Join a committee.

Work on staff.

Create something useful and/or beautiful to sell and donate the proceeds.

Bring items to camp for the Sales Table.

Write an article for the Messenger, Clear Blue Sky, or your church newsletter.

Be creative and come up with a new way to help the FNCA.

[Help Out]

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