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Looking back on
FNCA 1985

by Louise Dole Woofenden

Memories of '85 --

© Louise Dole Woofenden 1986... Carole Rienstra with armloads of flowers from her garden, to be placed in the Main Building and cabins. When folks arrived last year, they found lovely bouquets in each room and cabin, as well as in the Dining Hall, lounges, and lecture hall. And Carole kept them refreshed and replaced through the session. Thank you for these touches of beauty, Carole!

© Louise Dole Woofenden 1986... Adrienne Frank, bustling around with broom and dust cloth, tidying up. This constant attention to the clutter and dirt we brought in was a service that was perhaps not noted much! But here's one unsung heroine whe deserves thanks!

... George Dole's witticisms livening of the conversation. One of our favorites came at the end of the session. George sustained a slight wound while helping take down the tents. When asked how he got hurt, he replied, "We struck the tents and one of them struck me."

... George Walker, shivering and shaking from cold. This is a memory shared by a select few last October when the closing up crew (Pop Woof) went to drain the well. The handle of the plug broke off, leaving the plug firmly engaged far below the surface of the water. A call to the Fryeburg parsonage and a quick relay of messages brought George out to the grounds. Quickly stripping off his outer clothes, George descended the ladder to the frosty (around 40°) water. Oof! One foot went in and came out in a flash. But George was determined, and after a couple of false starts, he went down and pulled out the plug. He emerged a nice shade of blue and the day was © Louise Dole Woofenden 1986saved. We must point out that this was voluntary heroism. Charles Lindbergh received the Distinguished Flying Cross for crossing the Atlantic alone in a flimsy airplane. What medal should George get? Do we have an Assembly Hall of Fame?

© Lousie Dole Woofenden 1986... a surprise special awards ceremony held near the end of the '85 session. The sponsors, donors, and script writers were Sally and Mary. We suspect some sort of CIA involvement (Cooks' Intelligence Agency); otherwise, how would Sally and Mary know with such keen accuracy what is going on both inside and outside the kitchen? With a bull's eye humor, they presented little tokens of appreciation to a selected group of recipients, acknowledging our talents and loveable(?) characteristics. For any endearing traits you'd care to mention, we'll match our cooks against all comers!


© Louise Dole Woofenden 1986We welcome any contribution to this page in next year's bulletin. Undoubtedly, many worthy incidents never get reported. Your particular memories will enhance our pages. Write them up during the session in August so you won't forget.



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