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Looking back on
FNCA 1986

by Louise Dole Woofenden

IN 1986...

... we welcomed new campers Kathleen Eastman, an SSR* student, and Tina Laconte from Convention's Central Office.

... We rejoiced to have Arthur James with us after a long hiatus. Arthur brought his special brand of warmth and cheeriness.

... Anne Perry took a small group up Stark's Mountain on a nature walk. These lucky people got a good afternoon's exercise, had the privilege of Anne's expert identification and explanation of many natural phenomena, and the pleasure of each other's company; they also spotted a black bear!

... after the camp session, a couple of us met Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, sister and brother-in-law of Douglas Rafter who lives in the Saco River Estates next door. They regularly walk their big white dog the length of our property, and came to report to us that the water line at the tent sites had burst and was spraying water out into the road. We had an interesting conversation, during which they mentioned that a moose comes into their back yard fairly often. Since their back yard is our property line, perhaps some lucky person may see a moose this year. (It also occurred to us that this free dog patrol may be the reason why there seemed to be no vandalism at the camp last year.)


... Alice Vigerstad, who donated two fluffy bed covers.

... Martha Richardson, who came to the rescue at the very last minute and taught one of the children's classes when the scheduled teacher got sick and couldn't attend camp

... Gretchen Tafel, who came with her car loaded with buckets, barrels, and boxes of flowers from her garden in Needham MA, and arranged beautiful bouquets which were placed all over camp to delight our senses.

... Fred and Nancy Perry, who year after year keep tabs on the buildings and grounds, and make innumerable trips from their home in Jackson NH to meet with plumbers, electricians, roofers, etc., and check to see that the jobs are done properly. (Nancy also hires the cooks and assists in ordering and delivery arrangements for the food.)

... Everyone else who helps by donating money, doing unthanked chores and kindnesses. We can't mention you all, but we appreciate what you do!

* our seminary


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