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Adrienne Frank
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Adrienne Elizabeth Boerner was born in 1914 (or possibly 1913) in Morristown NJ to Alfred & Elizabeth Weigel Boerner. She was a direct descendent of the Hapsburg royal family of Germany.

Education and First Career

Adrienne Frank graduated from high school in 1929, and took a clerical job at Western Electric. By 1940 she was a finance clerk there, and eventually became a counselor in the personnel department.


Adrienne married Eric Karl Frank on June 11, 1949.

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Adrienne (with Eric, until he died in October of 1982) lived in the same house in Westport CT for 50 years.

Second Career

In 1956, as a returning student at age 43, Adrienne enrolled at the University of Bridgeport, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Sociological Activites in 1959. While at U. of B., she was a was an active member of the German Club, Sociology Colloquium, and Pi Gamma Mu, and made the Dean's List every year.

She went on to get a master's degree in social work from Columbia University. She then took a job with the Norwalk public school system as a school social worker until she retired in 1978. She also served on the board of the Connecticut Department of Children and Youth Services.

Other Pursuits

Adrienne Frank was also a longtime member of the Mello Dears, a choral group in her hometown of Westport CT as well as a member of the PITSC Wolfpit [Elementary School] Retired Faculty Society.

Church Life

Although the Boerners had been Lutherans during Adrienne's childhood, when her father found a copy of Divine Providence in a used book store, he quickly became a Swedenborgian after reading it cover to cover. Adrienne converted also, and they joined the New Church in Orange NJ, which was less than 20 minutes from their home.

Later, presumably when she and Eric married and moved to Westport CT, she switched her membership to the New Church in New York City, where they attended faithfully, doing the 1-hour drive from Westport every Sunday morning.

Adrienne Frank was also the driving force that held the tiny Connecticut Association of the New Church together, regularly hosting monthly meetings of its members.

She served the national denomination on the American New Church Sunday School Association's Lessons Committee in 1955.

Adrienne Frank at the FNCA

Adrienne Frank's cheery face was seen at camp almost every year. She loved the Assembly so much that she left a very large bequest to us in her will, about 1/3 of which paid for the Adrienne Frank Fellowship Hall in 2003.



After crashing her car, probably as the result of a heart attack, Adrienne Frank died on August 4, 1999 at age 85.


© Dave Matlow 2014In May 2014, Adriene Frank's home of 50 years at 31 Silent Grove North, Wesport CT, built in 1937, was honored by the Westport Historical Society with a historical designation plaque. The house had been bought in 2000 by the Frank's neighbor of many years, Jeff Ruden, and his wife Kelle. Jeff was 5 years old when his family moved in next door to the Franks in 1969. “As a child I would visit the Franks next door and watch Mr. Frank do his woodworking. I always liked going to the Franks’ house as I grew up and even visited them regularly when I came home from college. So when the house became available, we purchased it. My parents still live next door.”

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