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Past Major Financial Donors

The FNCA has been blessed with many major donations over the past century that have, of course, been a huge help.

NOTE: Please see the Cabin Donors page for information about the people who financed the various cabins.

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Donor or item                    Year     Posted 
Asa E. Goddard                  1929    12/19
Mary L. Gordon                  1930    12/19
John L. Osgood                  1930    12/19
Lewis H. Kunhardt              1931    12/19
Orange New Church            1986    12/22
photo of the tennis court     1931    12/22
anonymous                        2018    12/22

Mr. Asa E. Goddard of Cambridge MA:
     $1500 loan to build the Kitchen

Miss Mary L. Gordon of Fryeburg ME:
       $2000 for the Dining Hall
Mr. John L. Osgood:
       donated materials and built the chimney and
       fireplaces in the Main Building

Mr. Lewis H. Kunhardt of Boston MA:
       $600 for the driveway and tennis court

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The Orange New Church
       $20,000 gift on their disbandment

       $2,000 to establish the Lalla's Memorial Garden Fund


[FNCA History]

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