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© Trevor 2011

Over the years, there have been quite a variety of FNCA t-shirts with a wide variety of designs and topics. Most of these were created by Lynn Zimmerman, Louise Dole Woofenden, Amy Blackman Cooke, and Beki Greenwood. Since we aren't able to pinpoint when some of the older ones were created, many of the ones further down the page are in very broadly labeled sections.

NOTE: Photos are arranged by when the shirts were made, not when the pictures were taken.


NEW photos on this page in recent months:
Title or Theme                                Year      Posted
"House Phinney Takes on the..."      2022     12/27
"WE LOVE DE FOX"                        1970s    12/11
D3M 2015 cotton tee (4 pics)          2015     12/10
D3M 2015 orange shirt                   2015     12/10
FNCA spiral (2 pics)                        1995     12/6
FNCA pine cone                             1980ish   9/2
Flames 50th reunion                       1978      9/2
"The Lord Watches Over All"            1994      8/12
top photo above                             above     8/12
D3M 2016                                      2016      8/12
D3M 2017                                      2017      8/12
D3M 2018                                      2018      8/12
D3M 2019                                      2019      8/12
D3M 2021                                      2021      8/12
"Nunc Licet" (2 pix)                        1985      8/11
Flames 50th Reunion                      1978      8/11
D3M 2015                                     2015       8/11
D3M v2020 (2 pix)                         2020       8/11
FNCA 2011 Sparks                         2011       8/11
D3M 2014 (2 pix)                          2014        8/11
2021 centennial shirts (2 pix)         2021        8/11
FNCA logo shirt                             1970s      8/11
2010 camp shirt                            2005        8/9


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© FNCA 2022

House Phinney takes on the Dole 3 Miler



© Trevor 2022
© Trevor 2022

For the FNCA Centennial Celebration in 1921, Beki Greenwood (above left, with Katie Brown) created these special 100 Years t-shirts in green and white.



© FNCA 2021

The 2021 Dole 3 Miler t-shirt was a tie dye! Logo design by Amy Blackman Cooke.


© Trevor 2020
© Beki Greenwood 2020

The v2020 FNCA session was held virtual, as was the Dole 3 Miler, hence the t-shirt theme that year. Logo design by Amy Blackman Cooke.


© Jesse White 2019

Relatives of George F Dole, two of whom are wearing the 2019 Dole 3 Miler t-shirt, l. to r.: Sarah Dole (daughter), Alicia Dole (daughter), Rev. Sarah Buteau (daughter-in-law), George Dole (grandson). Logo design by Amy Blackman Cooke.



© FNCA 2018

The Phinney clan was the largest group at the 2018 Dole 3 Miler. Logo design by Amy Blackman Cooke.




© FNCA 2017

The winner of the 2017 Dole 3 Miler, Nathan Buck (center), flanked by his father and his sister sporting the year's race shirt. Logo design by Amy Blackman Cooke.



© Bob Perry 2016

Every year, Trevor bikes Safety Patrol throughout the race. Here he sports the 2016 Dole 3 Miler shirt. Logo design by Amy Blackman Cooke.



© FNCA 2015
© Bob Perry 2015

The 2015 Dole 3 Miler shirt was very bright. In the lower photo, you can also see the 2014 D3M shirt at the extreme right, as well as the race's namesake, the Rev. Dr. George F. Dole, in the center wearing the same white with blue stripes shorts and shirt he wore in the historic 1954 race in which Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile. Logo design by Amy Blackman Cooke.



© Trevor 2022
© Trevor 2022
© Trevor 2022
© Trevor 2022

In 2015, there was also a 100% cotton D3M t-shirt that was white with brown ink with the D3M logo on the front and a screen print of the starting line on the back.




© Jon Cousins 2014
© Beki Greenwood 2014

The inaugural Dole 3 Miler t-shirt, modeled above by the race's namesake, the Rev. Dr. George F. Dole, and below by all the Assembly's runners and volunteers, was designed by Amy Blackman Cooke.



© Trevor 2011
© Trevor 2011

The Sparks made their own t-shirts in 2011.



© Nancy F. Little 2022

This 2005 camp shirt, created by Beki Greenwood and modeled by Rev. Hugh Odhner in 2022 shows the Murdoch Cabin from the woods below.



© Cornelia Shields 1995   © Cornelia Shields 1995










Emily Woofenden during an on-stage song in Whitehead Hall.


© Emily Woofenden 1994

The Sparks made these tie dye shirts that say "The Lord Watches Over All."



© Trevor 2022
© FNCA 1985

These shirts were created by Louise Dole Woofenden in 1985. The Latin phrase around the outside — "Nunc licet intellectualiter intrare in arcana fidei" — is a Swedenborg quote that is often called the Charter of the New Church. It translates: "Now it is permitted to enter intellectually into the secrets of faith." This one is sported by Louise's husband, the Rev. Dr. Wm. R. Woofenden, and flanked by Rev. Donna Keane (l) and Nancy Little (r).




© FNCA 1980ish





© FNCA 1978 (?)
© FNCA 1978

In 1978, the Flames held their 50th reunion. In the upper photo of Rev. Bill & Louise Woofenden, Louise sports the shirt we believe she designed. In the lower photo, two Flames (2nd from left and 2nd from right) are wearing them on stage in this photo from that year. The shirt reads: Fryeburg Flames 1928-1978 around the outside, with the Flames' torch logo in the center.


sometime in the

© Nancy F. Little 2022

This tan with dark brown logo t-shirt, modeled by Trevor in 2022, we believe was designed by Louise Dole Woofenden sometime in the 1970s.



© Trevor 2022
© Ian Woofenden 2011This 1970s FNCA t-shirt was in a box of missing FNCA files returned during the 2022 camp session. "De Fox" is the Rev. George McCurdy, FNCA President from 1974-1979. He and his wife Lois were fond of playing friendly pranks on the Flames, who returned the favor in kind, hence this t-shirt one year.


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