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Opening Weekend Program
Topics and Presenters

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The Opening Weekend Program was devised by the Summer Session Committee in 2010 with the specific intent of increasing attendance at camp the opening weekend — a time when attendance has traditionally been low. And since its outset, it has not only achieved that goal, but has also enriched the minds, hearts, and lives of the participants.

Here's a complete list of the previous Opening Weekend Program topics and presenters:

2022: "Getting to Know Ourselves and Each Other Better"
              presenters: TREVOR "The Games Man", Rev.
              Susannah Currie, Carol LeBaron

2021: "Reconnecting with Camp"
              presenters: Rev. Susannah Currie, Tina Wood,
              Leone Dyer, Carol LeBaron, Rev E. Kent Rogers

v2020:  [No OWP]

2019: "The Spiritual Legacy of Helen Keller"  
              presenter: Rev. Sage Cole

2018: "Conflict Resolution Skills Learned from
            Psychologists and Angels
               presenter: Dr. Soni Werner

2017: "The Correspondences of Yoga OR Yoga and
               presenter: Rev. Alison Longstaff Moore

2016: "Ego and Its Purpose In Our Spiritual Lives"
               presenter: Rev. Susannah Currie

2015: "The New Church Descending"
               presenter: Rev. Alison Longstaff

2014: "Spiritual Practices that Open Us to Divine Influx"
                presenter: Rev. Jane Siebert

2013: "Logopraxis Workshop"
                presenter: Chaplain Roslyn Taylor

2012: "Spiritually Integrated Self-Care for Those Who
           Care For and About Others
                presenter: Rev. Dr. Gardiner Perry

2011: "Spiritual Tools to Explore Scripture: Pre-exile
          Jeremiah (chapters 1-31)"

                 presenter: Rev. Susannah Currie

2010: "Discovering Elijah"
                  presenter: Anna Woofenden

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