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© Jesse White 2014One of the major ways that new people attend the Assembly is by hearing about it from their friends and neighbors. Many of our regular attendees came their first time because someone they knew well kept talking about how wonderful the FNCA is.

So, one way you can help is to spread the word about the Assembly. © Beki Greenwood 2009Tell your relatives. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Tell people at your church, job, school, club, youth group, sewing circle, knitting club, men's group, bowling team, soccer team, gaming club... you name it!

Talk it up. Tell them about what a good time you had and what you like about the place. You don't have to be a minister or do a minister's job: you don't have to explain our theology in order to tell folks what a wonderful place we have here! Just tell them what it does for you, how beautiful and relaxing it is, and what you like about the spiritual content. And then answer their questions. It's that easy.

Some Specific Suggestions:

If you're comfortable speaking before a group, arrange to give a brief presentation about the Assembly at your church after the Sunday Service some day. There is a color, tri-fold brochure available for you to hand out, too.

If you're good at writing, put together a brief article about the FNCA for your church newsletter or the Messenger (our church denomination's national magazine).

If you're online a lot, spread the word about our little slice of Heaven around the world through any means at your fingertips.

If you're a teen, tell your friends what a blast camp is; write a paragraph or two for Clear Blue Sky; send the word out on the ether via whatever social media you participate in.

© Ian Woofenden 2009[Help Out]

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