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Week One: August 5-13, 2007
"Swedenborg and His Influence"


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   The doctrines (i.e. teachings) of the New Church have been passed to us from the Lord in heaven through the spiritual writings of Emanuel Swedenborg and have influenced countless people ever since. This week we will look at the way Swedenborg's religious works have influenced the progression of thought and action in philosophy, religion, ethics, education, and society as we look at some of the important people who were influenced by his work and in turn, reached out and influenced the world in which they lived.

Monday, August 5
    1. Rev Lee Woofenden "John Clowes: A Voice for Non-Separatism; and Robert Hindmarsh and the Founding of the Separatist New Church"
   2. Rev. Ken Turley "New Church Thought In Maine"

   Evening Presentation
   Rev. Dr. George F. Dole "Samson Reed and The Birth Of American Philosopy 1800-1880

Tuesday, August 6
   1. Rev. Dr. George F. Dole "Charles Bonney: Forgotten Prophet 1831-1903"
   2. Rev. Dr. Wilma Wake "Horatio Dresser 1866 to 1954"

Thursday, August 8
   1. Steve Sanchez "Helen Keller and Swedenborgian Psychology 1880-1968"
   2. Rev. Hunter Roberts "Emerson and the Transcendentalists Part One"

Friday, August 9
   1. Rev. Hunter Roberts "Emerson and the Transcendentalists Part Two"
   2. Rev. Gard Perry "Swedenborg and Jung on the Internal and External Levels of Mind"

Saturday, August 10
   1. Cameron Linen "Jorge Luis Borges and Robert Frost"
   2. all lectures Panel Discussion "Q&A"

Week Two: August 13-20, 2007
"The Psalms: Biblical Poetry and Song"

   This week we look at the Psalms, the collection of one hundred and fifty poems, or more accurately song lyrics, and how they speak to us.  The Psalms are beautiful and powerful poetry that touch on the complete spectrum of human emotion and thought, but they are also, at both literal and correspondential levels, an important source of theological and spiritual inspiration.  This week we will look for spiritual regeneration in the artistry, poetry and music of the Word.

Monday, August 13
   1. Rev. Ken Turley "Psalm 1: All In One"
   2. Jeff Munnis "Psalm 46 and Identity"

   Evening Presentation
Rev. Dr. George F. Dole "The World Of The Psalmist"

Tuesday, August 14
   1. Rev Lee Woofenden "The Eternal Word and Psalm 78"
   2. Kathy Lauber "Psalm 90"

Thursday, August 15
   1. Sherrie Connelly "Psalm 100: Serving The Lord With Joy and Gladness"
   2. Rev. Hunter Roberts "The Widow and the Orphan: Justice in Psalms"

Friday, August 17
   1. Rev. Hunter Roberts "Mercy In The Psalms"
   2. Rev. Susannah Currie "Psalm 111"

Saturday, August 18
   1. Sherrie Connelly "Psalm 139: The Sacrament Of The Present Moment"
   2. Rev. Dr. George F. Dole "The Spiritual Meaning of the Psalms: An Overview"

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