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2006 Lecture Downloads

Week One: Aug 7-12, 2006
"The Conjugial Principle"

    The Conjugial Principle is often assumed to be about romantic relationships, but it is so much more. It is the marriage of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom beginning within God and flowing outward and downward into all of life. This conjunction (or "marriage") within us is accomplished as the fundamental urge to be "one" is united with and guided by a growing knowledge and understanding of how that desire is best fulfilled. This marriage is expressed and realized in how we relate to all of life. This week we will look at the many and varied aspects of the Conjugial Principle as they occur in Swedenborg's spiritual writings and as they apply to life.

Monday, August 7
   1. Rev. Lee Woofenden "Overview of Marital Love Part 1"
   2. Rev. George McCurdy "The Conjugial Principle: What Is It? What Does It Mean?"

Tuesday, August 8
   1. Rev. Lee Woofenden "Overview of Marital Love Part 2"
   2. Rev. Ken Turley "What's Love Got To Do With It?"

Thursday, August 10
   1. Rev. Dr. George F. Dole "Good and Truth: An Exercise in Metatranslation"
   2. Rev. George McCurdy "Spiritual Colds"

Friday, August 11
   1. Rev. Ken Turley [unknown]
   2. Rev. Dr. George F. Dole "Marriage Love Revisited"

Saturday, August 12
   1. Rev. Lee Woofenden "Overview of Marital Love Part 3"
   2. All Lecturers Panel Discussion "Q&A"


Week Two: Aug 14-19, 2006
"Relationships in the Bible:
Friends and Lovers"

© Nancy F. Little & Jon Cousins 2009   In the first week, we looked at the doctrine of the Conjugial Principle. This week we look at the practical applications. Lectures will focus on various relationship in the Bible and how they are rooted in, manifest, and fulfill and/or betray the Conjugial Principle. From scriptural examples, we hope to learn how we may more effectively embrace and express the Conjugial Principle in our own lives and the life of the church.

Monday, August 14
   1. Rev. Ken Turley [unknown]
   2. Sky Paradise "The Syro-phoenician Woman, Parents, Children, and Ruling Love" (A/V person's note: With apologies, I could not find the actual title of this lecture.)

Tuesday, August 15
   1. Rev. Lee Woofenden "Isaac and Rebekah: Friends, Lovers, and Sparring Partners"
   2. Rev. Susannah Currie "Tamar and Judah"

Thursday, August 17
   1. Sky Paradise [unknown]
   2. Rev. Dr. George F. Dole "Not Servants, But Friends"

Friday, August 18
   1. Rev. Lee Woofenden "Hosea: Prophecy and Adultery"
   2. Rev. Susannah Currie "Mary Magdalene: Companion of the Lord"

Saturday - August 19
   1. Rev. Dr. George F. Dole "The Bride, the Lamb's Wife"
   2. all lectureres Panel Discussion "Q&A"

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