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2005 Lecture Downloads

Week One: Aug 8-13, 2005
"Families in the Bible"

© Beki Greenwood 2006   The Bible story is rich with families who live in relationship with the Lord. We are familiar with the idea that different individuals represent specific aspects of our inner lives; and we even know something of how the relationship between men and women influence their respective correspondential meaning. This week, we will be looking at families in the Bible, their makeup and family dynamics, and the correspondence of what we read about those families with the spiritual dynamics of our inner lives.

Monday, August 8
   1. Rev. Dr. George  F. Dole "The Patriarchal Family: Text and Subtext"
   2. Rev. Ken Turley "The First Family: Adam and Eve"

Tuesday, August 9
   1. Rev. Lee Woofenden "Cain and Abel"
   2. Rev. George McCurdy "Noah and His Family"

Thursday, August 11
   1. Rev. F. Robert Tafel "The Family of Moses"
   2. Lana Sandahl "Herod, Herodious, and Salome"

Friday, August 12
   1. Annie Relat "Lot's Daughter"
   2. Lana Sandahl "Rebekah, Jacob, and Esau"

Saturday, August 13
   1. Rev. Dr. George  F. Dole "Family Devalues in the Gospels"
   2. Rev. Lee Woofenden "The Human Family"


Week Two: Aug 15-20, 2005
"The Doctrine of Charity"

© Beki Greenwood 2008   Perhaps nothing is more fundamental to the New Church approach to life here on earth and our processs of spiritual regeneration (i.e. salvation) than the Doctrine of Charity. Charity is far more than giving money to the needy person on the corner or even to great and worthy causes: it is about who, what, and why we love and --- equally as important --- how we love. Doctrines by definition are about ideas, so in this week's lectures we will examine the ways of the heart together with the workings of the mind.

Monday, August 15 
   1. Rev. Ken Turley [unknown]
   2. Rev. Dr. George  F. Dole "The Good of Love and the Truth of Faith"

Tuesday, August 16
   1. Rev. W. Hunter Roberts "Who Is My Neighbor?"
   2. Rev. Dr. Reuben Bell "You Don't Always Get What You Want"

Thursday, August 18
   1. Rev. F. Robert Tafel "Charity as Daily Living"
   2. Rev. Dr. George  F. Dole "Be Careful"

Friday, August 19
   1. Rev. Lee Woofenden "The Life That Leads to Heaven"
   2. Rev. W. Hunter Roberts "Living from the Heart: Charity and the Chakra System"

Saturday, August 20
   1. Rev. Lee Woofenden "Charity as a Church"
   2. Rev. Susannah Currie "Charity: The Gift that Keeps on Giving!"

Evening Presentation
   Annie Relat "Thomas Aquinas and Emanuel Swedenborg on Charity" [A/V Master's Note: I am uncertain as to Ms. Relat's intended title of this lecture, so, with all due apologies, I guessed.]

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