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Edge of the Lawn

© Trevor 2008


Over the decades, so many delightful photos have been taken of this particular spot that it deserves it's own page.


NEW photos on this page in recent months:
Title or Theme                                Year    Posted     
"Clouds Rolling By"                        2020     7/4
"Twilight with Clouds on the..."       2016     6/29
"Flag Flat Out in the Pre-Storm..."   2015     1/17



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"Clouds Rolling By"

© Trevor 2020



"Clouds Before the Storm"

© Susannah Currie 2019



"Friends on the Lawn"

© Jesse White 2019


"Glo on the Lower Lawn"

© Jesse White 2019

Gloria Costello



"Midwest Teens Checking Out the Saco
in the Morning"

© Beki Greenwood 2018


"Sarah in Her Bug Suit"

© Beki Greenwood 2018

Sarah Grams


"Newlyweds with a View"

© Beki Greenwood 2016

Troy and Sarah Grams rented the FNCA for their wedding party in July of 2016. A lot of Sarah's very colorful relatives from the U.K. came over for the event, and the Assembly fit the bill perfectly for the wedding reception as well as a place where everyone could stay a few days and experience the beauty of New England. It also introduced her family to this place which she has grown to love so much. 


"Marriage Blessings Family Photo"

© Herb Ziegler 2016

A whole whole bunch of (mostly) Woofendens.


"Wheelbarrow of Pine Needles"

© Jon Crowe 2016


"Taking It In 1"

© Beki Greenwood 2016


"Taking It In 2"

© Beki Greenwood 2016


"Twilight with Clouds on the Mountains"

© Jesse White 2016



"Colgate Ringing the Bell in the Rain"

© Nancy F. Little 2015

Colgate Serle


"At the Edge of the Lawn"

© Beki Greenwood 2015


"Flag Flat Out in the Pre-Storm Winds"

© Alison Moore 2015




© Nancy F. Little 2013

Jillian, Zsa Zsa, Chloe


"Deep Greens"

© Jesse White 2013


"Nice Afternoon for Lounging on the Lawn"

© Nancy F. Little 2013

Ben Phinney, Anna Eller Langdon, Troy Grams



"The Newly Opened View"

© FNCA 2012


"Sparks Games at Sunset"

© Jon Cousins 2012



"It All Started as Flames"

© Jesse White 2011

Lee and Dan Dyer


"New Friends"

© Jon Crowe 2011

Chloe and Soleil


"Aerial Photography:
The upper and lower front lawn"

© Ian Woofenden 2011


"Aerial Photography:
Close-up of the Lower Lawn and the River"

© Ian Woofenden 2011


"The View from the West End of the Front Porch"

© Herb Ziegler 2011


"Lawn Shadows"

© Nancy F. Little 2011



"Exceptional Reading Spot"

© Beki Greenwood 2010

Sage Cole


"A Wedding on the Front Lawn!"

© Nancy F. Little 2010

Lee & Annette Woofenden with Rev. Dr. George F. Dole officiating, Lee's daughter Heidi on the left, and his son's Chris and Caleb on the right.


"These Sparks Girls Know a Good Spot!"

© Emily Woofenden 2010

Astrid, Caleigh, Jillian




"A Baptism on the Front Lawn!"

© Jon Cousins 2009


"I Wonder Who's Down Swimming?"

© Beki Greenwood 2009



"Quiet Conversation"

© Beki Greenwood 2010

Art Church and Jim Lowe


"B&G Sunset"

© Beki Greenwood 2009

Colgate Searle, Dave Richardson, Ed Schnurr


"Accordion on the Lower Lawn"

© Anna Rich 2009

Trevor pacing back and forth along the edge of the lower lawn serenading people above and below on his new accordion.




"Jim Alone"

© Trevor 2008

Jim Lowe


"Lower Lawn"

© Beki Greenwood 2008



© Beki Greenwood 2008

One of several color FNCA postcards Beki Greenwood made that year.


"Front Lawn at Twilight"

© Beki Greenwood 2008



"Nancy Reading"

© Beki Greenwood 2006

Nancy Little



"Twilight Sun Star"

© Jesse White 2004



"Flames 1999"

© Beki Greenwood 1999



"Mom & Pop Woofenden 40th Anniversary
Blueberry Patch"

© Ian Woofenden 2016

In honor of their parents' 40th wedding anniversary, the 8 Woofenden siblings present the Assembly with 8 highbush blueberry bushes at a special dinner presentation. The bushes were planted in the corner of the lower lawn with a commemorative sign. These blueberries are still enjoyed by campers each year to this day.


"Mom & Pop Woof's 40th Anniversary
Family Photo"

© FNCA 1990

In age order (l. to r.): Pop, Mom, Ross, Jane, Laura, Trevor, Ian, Lee, Ellen, Todd.



"Sparks on the Edge"

© FNCA 1985



"Sparks Watching the River"

© Nancy F. Little 1983

l to r: Mike Woof, Jason Woof, ??, Amy Perry(?), ??



"2 Beauties!"

© FNCA 1948
© FNCA 1948



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