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Bulletins and Brochures

From very early on in its history, the FNCA put out a bulletin each year announcing the dates of camp, lecture staff, and other important info about the year's camp session.

At various times, there has also been a stand alone tri-fold brochure with a general overview for distribution to interested people.

NEW items added in recent months:
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bulletin                    1927            12/19
1st paragraph   bulletin history      12/18

Bulletin History        Bulletins
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A Very Brief History of the FNCA Bulletin

For the first 7 years, 1921-1927, the bulletin was a single page, typed sheet that was mailed out.

Beginning in 1928, the year the Assembly bought the property we still use today, bulletins were very small — smaller than a modern day postcard — and printed on manilla-ish colored paper folded in half creating a 4-page brochure. Starting sometime in the late 1940s or early 1950s, they were mimeographed on a single sheet of standard size 8-1/2x11 white paper folded in half with half-page front and back and a vertical full page inside. Later (sometime is the late 1970s perhaps?), the bulletin expanded to 2-5 sheets printed 2 pages per side, folded together, and stapled in the center to make a 4-10 page booklet with cover artwork by an FNCA member on the front and pen and ink interior drawings. By 1985, the cover sheet (meaning the front and back) was on colored paper. Beginning in 1992, the cover was an FNCA photo with interior clip art from various sources. Starting in 1999, there were camp photos inside and out. And starting in 2008 the bulletin was in full color inside and out all the way through 2014.

By that time, however, the bulletin had long outlived its usefulness. Since everything in it was already on our website, creating the bulletin each year was a lot of work for our graphics designer and a lot of expenses to print and mail, with very little extended usefulness. Although people enjoyed looking at the photos when they got it in the mail each year, very, very, very few people were actually using the printed form in it for registration. Basically, it wasn't worth the trouble any more, so at their mid-winter meeting in January of 2015, the Summer Session Committee, with full approval of the Board, decided to discontinue the bulletin.

A Bit About The Brochure

In 1979, it was decided that we should have a brochure containing basic camp information and a map of the grounds that could be easily reprinted with little or no need for editing whenever we need more, so that we could have something to hand out to interested people. Like all camp brochures since, it was a single sheet of paper. The original 1979 one was folded twice accordion style (or "Z fold" as it is now known), with a pen and ink drawing on the cover and the basic info next to it on the front, and the camp map and a bit of history on the back. It is the same as the 1982 one below.

Although it may have been updated earlier, the next known camp brochure in the Camp Historian's files is from 2002. It is printed on a very light gray tinted paper, tri-folded (not Z fold), with black and white photos throughout.

In 2012, it was completely re-done on thicker paper, tri-folded, with full color photos.



 1927 1928
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© FNCA 1927



© FNCA 1928
© FNCA 1928
© FNCA 1928



© FNCA 1940



© FNCA 1952


© FNCA 1952


© FNCA 1952

At some point, the Executive Committee (precursor to today's Board of Directors) printed up an ample supply of the front and back used here in the 1952 bulletin as a single sheet and used them for several years, printing the info for the current sheet on the reverse side by mimeograph. Then it was folded in half for distribution.



© FNCA 1981

Cover art by Louise Dole Woofenden.



© FNCA 1985

Cover art  by Carolyn Judson.



© FNCA 1987

Cover art by Carolyn Judson.



© FNCA 1988

Cover art: "Cabin on the Saco" by Carolyn Judson.



© FNCA 1989

Cover art by Carolyn Judson.



© FNCA 1990

Cover art by Louise Dole Woofenden.



© FNCA 1991

Cover art: "View from the Boston Cabin" by Louise Dole Woofenden.



© FNCA 1992

Cover design by Trevor.



© FNCA 1993

Cover design by Trevor.



© FNCA 1994

Cover design by Trevor.

The cover photo actually wraps halfway around the back with the rest of the Main Building.



© FNCA 1995

Cover design by Trevor.



© FNCA 1996

Cover design by Trevor.



© FNCA 1997

Cover design by Trevor.

This one is marked "CHANGES" by the bulletin editor with everything circled to be changed for the 1998 bulletin.



© FNCA 1998

Cover design by Trevor.

The bulletin editor customized all the 1998 bulletin with stickers and rubberstamps throughout so that each one was different.



© FNCA 1999

Cover design by Todd Woofenden.



© FNCA 2000

Cover design by Todd Woofenden.



© FNCA 2001

Cover design by Todd Woofenden.



© FNCA 2002

Cover art by Carolyn Judson. Design by Todd Woofenden



© FNCA 2003

Cover design by Todd Woofenden.

This is the 5th place this classic 1950 photo of John Perry going off the diving board with Joan Flynn on his back appears on this website. The full photo also has 6 other Flames excitedly watching!



© FNCA 2004




© FNCA 2005




© FNCA 2006

Cover design and photo by Myrrh Woofenden.



© FNCA 2007

Cover design by Myrrh Woofenden. Photo by Ben Phinney.



© FNCA 2008

Cover design by Beki Greenwood.



© FNCA 2009

Cover design by Beki Greenwood.



© FNCA 2010

Cover design by Beki Greenwood.



© FNCA 2011

Cover design by Beki Greenwood.



© FNCA 2012

Cover design by Beki Greenwood.



© FNCA 2013

Cover design by Beki Greenwood.



© FNCA 2014

Cover design by Beki Greenwood.




1979   1982 
2001   20??   2018 

All brochure are on standard 8-1/2X11" paper.


©FNCA 1979
© FNCA 1979

This was accordion folded so the section with the drawing of the Main Building was on front with the text beside it folded in half behind it and the map side on the back. Art and design by Louise Dole Woofenden.



© FNCA 1982
© FNCA 1982

Notice the rubber stamped "2 WEEKS IN 1982" on the cover just below where it says "SESSIONS ARE FOR THREE WEEKS? That's the only difference between this one and the 1979 brochure. 1982 was the year the Assembly switched from 3 weeks back to 2, but we still had most of a box of brochures left!



© FNCA 2001
© FNCA 2001

The 2001 brochure was tri-folded, meaning that the right and the left sections were folded in over the center section. It was printed on both white and green paper. Design by Todd Woofenden.



© FNCA 20-something


© FNCA 20-something

Design by Beki Greenwood.



© FNCA 2018


© FNCA 2018



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