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Nearly a decade ago, attendance at camp was a little lower than usual. In his report at the Annual Meeting, our treasurer reported that all we really needed to break even was one more paying family each week. Since then, through a variety of outreach, we've attained that goal and then some, but it's really telling that all it took was one more family!

© Beki Greenwood 2008 There's a wonderful passage in Swedenborg's spiritual writings that talks about how Heaven is constantly improving with the addition of each new arrival from our world. In fact, it regularly happens in Heaven that some newcomer arrives and adds their talents to the group, and soon everyone begins to wonder how they ever got along without this terrific new addition to the community!

The FNCA is like that, too. Each new person, each new couple, each new family that joins us makes our little community that much better! So if you've never attended the FNCA or if you haven't attended in a while, we welcome you to join us this summer and become a terrific new addition to our community.

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