[FNCA History]

Past FNCA Presidents

Since our "camp year" starts at a different time than a calendar year, the dates below refer to the camp session(s) during which the person was president of the Assembly.

In 2002, we changed our administrative structure from a single body called the "Executive Committee" to two separate decision-making bodies: the Board of Directors to make policy, and the Summer Session Committee to run the camp session. Along these same lines, we also made the President of the Board and Camp Director — previously always done by the chair of the Executive Committee as a single job — into two separate positions. Since then, except for that change-over year in 2002, the FNCA President and the Camp Director have been two different people.

1921-1939   Rev. Louis A. Dole

1940   Rev. Charles H. Kuenzli

1942-1945   FNCA did not meet because of WWII

1946           Rev. Louis A. Dole

1947-1964   F. Gardner Perry

1965-????    Rev. Dr. George F. Dole
                   (son of Rev. Louis A. Dole)

????-????     Rev. George McCurdy

????-????     Rev. Dr. Willam R. Woofenden
                   (son-in-law of Rev. Louis A. Dole)

1989           Rev. Jim Lawrence

1990-1995   Rev. Dr. Gardner Perry
                   (grandson of F. Gardner Perry)

1995-2001   Ellen Morin
                   (granddaughter of Rev. Louis A. Dole &
                    daughter of Rev. Dr. Wm. R. Woofenden)

2001-2002   Don Foster
                   (grandson-in-law of Rev. Louis A. Dole and
                    son-in-law of Rev. Dr. Wm. R. Woofenden)

2003-2008   John Perry
                   (son of F. Gardner Perry)

2009           Rev. Ken Turley

2010-now    Colgate Searle, Jr.
                  (grandson-in-law of Rev. Everett K. Bray)

[FNCA History]

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