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© Jim Perry 1950Our waterfront is a very popular part of camp. The Saco River is spectacularly unpolluted — the word ”pristine” comes to mind. It is also a protected waterway in both New Hampshire and Maine and its waters run clear and cool.

Our dock is attached to the bank via a railed walkway on © Jesse White 2011our side of the river, with an essentially private sandy beach on the other side. A float line demarks the downstream side of our swimming area. We have several canoes, as well as some masks, snorkels, and fins for campers to use.

The day begins with the Polar Bear Club taking a © Nancy F. Little 1998pre-breakfast dip. There is lifeguarded swimming from 2:30-5:00 every day except on Outing Day when there is often a day-long canoe trip or tubing trip down the river. Not to mention the Alice F. Vigerstad Memorial Old Lady Canoe Trip in which our elder women and their escorts are taken on a leisurely afternoon trip from camp down to the town beach where beach chairs, wine and cheese, and other snacks await them.

© FNCA 2013Campers are allowed to swim at other times in groups of three or more teens or adults with permission of a lifeguard or the Activities Director, and are allowed to take a canoe upstream during their free time under the same circumstances. It is also not unusual for a bit of fishing to be going on downstream from our swimming area now and again.

NEW photos on this page in recent months:
Title or Theme                              Year       Posted  
"Putting in the Dock"                     2016     11/25
"SQUIRT!"                                    2016     11/25
"Water Circles"                              2015     11/25
"Heading Down to the River"          1965     11/22
the four photos above           1950-2013     11/19
"Papa Bear"                                  2014     11/19
"Sierra Canoeing"                          2013     11/19
"Deane Says Hi"                            2013     11/19
"Who Is That Spectacled Man?"      2010      11/19
"At the Rock"                                2010      11/19
"Warm Day - Full River"                 2009      11/19

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"Putting in the Dock"

© Sarah May Grams 2016



© Sarah May Grams 2016



"Water Circles"

© Sarah May Grams 2015



"Papa Bear"

© Jesse White 2014


"Sierra Canoeing"

© Beki Greenwood 2013


"Deane Says Hi"

© Jesse White 2013


Nothing Like Canoeing on a
Sunny Day in Maine"

© Jon Cousins 2013



© Beki Greenwood 2011


"Dan Cook Ferrying McNaughtons"

© Beki Greenwood 2011


"The View Is Better From Up Here"

© Beki Greenwood 2010


"Busy Dock on a Hot Day"

© Beki Greenwood 2010



© beki Greenwood 2010


"More Than 40 Campers Are
In the Water Right Now!"

© Beki Greenwood 2010


"Emily With Her Cool Waterproof Camera Case"

© Beki Greenwood 2010


"Water Fight!"

© Emily Woofenden 2010

"Some of the Girls"

© Emily Woofenden 2010


"At the Rock"

© Emily Woofenden 2010


"Who Is That Masked Man?"

© Emily Woofenden 2010

"Who Is That Spectacled Man?"

© Emily Woofenden 2010


"Warm Day - Full River"

© Beki Greenwood 2009


"Two Canoes"

© Nancy F. Little 2000


"Polar Bear Club Record!"

© FNCA 1998

On middle weekend in 1998, camp was packed to the gills and it was quite warm that weekend, so we decided to try to set a Polar Bear Club record... and succeded grandly! That's Papa Bear(l) and Dan Dyer(r) on the Dock with 30 in the water so far out of a total of an all-time high of 41 Polar Bears that took the plunge that morning! The day's Polar Bear Quotient --- despite the high temperature --- an amazingly low 0.87!


"Our Lifeguard"

© Lynn Zimmerman 1973

Debbie Sjostedt (now Debbie Cook) was one of our lifeguards for a good decade back then. Later, she became a Religion Class Teacher, then Camp Director, as well as serving on the Board of Directors for decades.

"Ray Guiu Showing How It's Done"

© Trevor 1973


"Heading Down to the River"

© FNCA 1964

r to l: Alicia, Stuart, Sarah, and Lois Dole


"High Water"

© FNCA 1960

Notice that the float line not only goes across the river, but goes upstream, too. This was to demark the shallow water from the deeper. Non-swimmers weren't allowed to cross that upstream line into the deeper water.


© White 1953

Swimming in the Saco River has always been nice on a hot day!



© Jim Perry 1950

That's John Perry diving off the diving board with Joan Flynn on his back. After that (l to r), it's George Dole, ??, ??, (possibly) Jim Perry, (possibly) Noyes ? or Phil Lawrence, ??.

sometime in the

"Flame Boys Canoeing"

© FNCA 1940

That's Dave Alden in the stern and Joe Flynn second from the front.


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