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Afternoon &
Evening Activities
(and one morning activity middle Saturday, too!)

Afternoon and evening activities are programs presented by campers. If you would like to present an afternoon or evening activity of any sort (Surprise us!) or fit any sort of program into the schedule, please contact the camp Activities Director.

Afternoon Activities are somewhat sporadic: sometimes they are last minute fill-in events on rainy days when there's no swimming, and other times they are programs with nowhere else to put them into the schedule. There are, however, events that purposely get scheduled in the afternoon, so bring it on!

Evening Activities are scheduled most evenings at 8:00 (although a few are at different times). They can include music, crafts, dances, live demos, slide shows, videos, special lectures, and just about anything else of interest.

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  1st Week

Saturday:    8:00 Game Night

Sunday:      7:30 Evening Chapel
8:00 "Getting to Know You's"

Monday:      8:00 "Swedenborg at the Cinema:
                   Ingmar Bergman and Swedenborgian

                  Dr. Devin Zuber

Tuesday:     8:00 FNCA Read-Around
                  Read aloud from your favorite book!
                  Share your favorite passages!

Wednesday: 8:00 Judy Ziegler's Art Show
                   Herb Ziegler

Thursday:    It's Tie Dye Day! Wear your tie dyes!
                   8:00 In Company With Angels movies
                   Rev. Susannah Currie

Friday:         8:00 DOUBLE FEATURE! 
                   1. "Jacob's Ladder"
                   the Flames Class
                   2. Swedenborgian Churches in America
Rev. Jane Siebert

Saturday:     8:00 a.m. The Dole 3-Miler road race

  2nd Week

Saturday:     8:00  Game Night

Sunday:       7:30 Evening Chapel
8:00 "Getting to Know You's"

Monday:       8:00 Walking the Camino de Santiago
                           Tina & Willis Wood

Tuesday:      8:00

Wednesday: 8:00 String Figures & How to Make Them

Thursday:    It's Purple Day! Wear your purple!
                   8:00 Sales Table Auction

Friday:         8:00 Socializing in Frank Hall
                   9:00 Scrabble Tournament Finals party
                           in Frank Hall

Saturday:     8:00

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