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© FNCA 2018The Rev. Everett K. Bray Visiting Lecturer program brings a prominent Swedenborgian scholar to the Assembly each year for two or more lectures. This person must also be someone who is beyond normal travel distance to camp and who isn't or hasn't been a regular lecturer at the Assembly in the past.

Rev. Bray was a core lecturer at the Assembly from the 1930's through the 1960's and is the patriarch of five generations at the FNCA so far, many of whom have served the FNCA in various capacities over the years.


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Dr. Soni Werner

Dr. Werner is an Assistant Professor Emerita at Bryn Athyn College (BAC) in Bryn Athyn PA as well as an Adjunct Instructor at Elmira College, Corning Community College, and Alfred University in NY.

Dr. Werner's specialties include developmental psychology, organizational psychology, forensic psychology, and conflict management. At BAC, she guides students as they write their senior essays in business, psychology, or interdisciplinary studies. Dr. Werner is also certified as a Mediator, Conflict Coach, and Court Appointed Special Advocate volunteer advocating for abused children. She has recently authored several books, including The Growth of the Female Mind, The Search for Mary Magdalene, and Altruism: Many Kinds of Kindness. Her previous work experiences include being a Human Resource Professional at Corning Inc., co-directing the Corning Children’s Center, teaching in a maximum security prison in Elmira NY, and serving as an organizational psychologist/mediator for small businesses. She has taught at Bryn Athyn College since 1996.

She holds a B.A. in Psychology and Art from Western Connecticut State University, and a M.S and Ph.D. in Child Development from Iowa State University.

Two lectures:
1. "Altruism for the Spiritually Hungry, Thirsty, and Estranged"
2. "Altruism for the Spirtually Naked, Sick, and Imprisoned"


Dr. Devin Zuber
Dr. Zuber serves as core doctoral faculty for the graduate programs in Arts and Religion and Interdisciplinary Studies at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley CA. Prior to that, he taught at the University of Osnabrueck (Germany), the Maximilians University of Munich, and Queens College (CUNY). He holds an MPhil (2007) and a PhD (2010) in English Literature, both from CUNY Graduate Center.

Two lectures:
1. "Caring for Creation: Swedenborgian Ecology"
“A Bird's Life: Sarah Orne Jewett, George Inness, and the Art of (Swedenborgian) Ornithological Conservation — The Fifth Day of Creation”

Dr. Ian J. Thompson
Prominent Swedenborgian scholar and nuclear physicist; theoretical nuclear physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore CA;  Visiting Professor at the University of Surrey UK; a Fellow of the Institute of Physics in London; Fellow at our denomination's theological school: the Center for Swedenborgian Studies in Berkely CA; author of several books, including Starting Science From God: Rational Scientific Theories from Theism.

Five lectures:
1. "Quantum Physics for Swedenborgians"
2. "The Connection Between Love and Energy, part 1"
3. "The Connection Between Love and Energy, part 2"
4. “Does Consciousness Create Reality?”
5. “The Miracles of Jesus: Spiritual and Natural Laws”

Curtis Childs
Digital media producer at the Swedenborg Foundation and host of the weekly web series Swedenborg and Life on the offTheLeftEye YouTube channel. He has a degree in communication studies from Oakland University. He has appeared on many international radio shows, podcasts, and YouTube shows, such as Talk Gnosis, Sunday Morning Spiritual, The Butterfly Moment, Dark Thirty Radio, We Don’t Die Radio, and much more!

Two lectures:
1. "Hope No One Saw That: How I Ended Up Telling Thousands of Strangers about Evil Spirits and the Five Churches"
2. “The Way Things Really Are: How Heaven and Hell Show Up in the Modern Mind”


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